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Clinical factors for central nervous system progression and survival in primary vitreoretinal lymphoma

January 31, 2024


Primary vitreoretinal lymphoma (PVRL) is a rare subtype of malignant lymphoma with a poor prognosis because of high frequency of central nervous system (CNS) progression. Identification of factors associated with CNS progression is essential to improve the prognosis of patients with PVRL. We conducted a retrospective study of 54 patients diagnosed with PVRL and treated at our hospital to identify factors associated with CNS progression and prognosis. All patients were treated with intravitreal methotrexate (MTX) injections in the affected eyes until lesion resolution. Twenty-four patients were treated with systemic administration of high-dose MTX (systemic HD-MTX) every other week for a total of five cycles following intravitreal MTX injection. Of 24 patients, 20 completed five cycles of systemic HD-MTX. The 5-year cumulative incidence of CNS progression and overall survival (OS) rate were 78.0% and 69.0% respectively. By univariate and multivariate analyses, bilateral disease and the detection of B-cell clonality confirmed by flow cytometric analysis were risk factors associated with CNS progression. Moreover, systemic HD-MTX completion reduced the risk of CNS progression and was identified as a factor affecting OS. In this study, factors for CNS progression identified may potentially contribute to the optimized therapeutic stratification to improve the survival of patients with PVRL.

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JOURNALBritish Journal of Haematology

TITLE:Clinical factors for central nervous system progression and survival in primary vitreoretinal lymphoma


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