The report of ‘Ecocap Movement’ results No.14

The report of ‘Ecocap Movement’ results No.14

The report of ‘Ecocap Movement’ results No.14

Student Center

As for Eco-cap Movement, thank you for your wider agreement and cooperation. Since we did the 14th collection on April 23, we do the report. By the 14th, we collected 24,000 caps this time, and the eco-cap total number became 421,520. We were able to donate vaccine to JCV (a Japanese committee) for 526.9 children when it was polio vaccine. Eco-cap Movement was able to prevent outbreak of the CO2 of 3,319kg at the same time, if this cap was burnt down the whole as garbage.
You can look the receipt from the eco-cap promotion association in the below URL. Please check it out.

【eco-cap receipt】

【report of eco-cap movement results】

I reported that the eco-cap promotion association had contributed the proceeds of the eco-cap as a contribution to four prefectures of East Japan great earthquake disaster stricken areas (Miyagi, Iwate, Fukushima, Ibaraki) last time. In addition, eco-cap promotion association contribute "vaccine to Japan committee (JCV) to a child of the authorization NPO corporation world" with the sale gain of the recycling supplier of the cap. Because the report is placed in the HP, I introduce it as follows. (please refer to the following URL for the details)

【Association of eco-cap promotion contribution report】

● A collection box setting place for exclusive use of the PET bottle cap(Seven places): Building №5(the first floor), Medical-Dental BuildingⅠ(the second floor), M&D Tower the first floor, Clinical Dental Science Laboratories (the second floor) , Each box is near vending machines.
Student Center (the second floor of Building №5 ), Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering (near the first floor entrance) , College of Arts and Sciences(The bench side in front of COOP),Building №1 West(the third floor)

We thank for the kindness of all of your cooperation deeply. Please cooperate with understanding to this activity so that we are able to send vaccine to many children early.

Student Center (ex.4959)