Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences

Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences

Master's Program

This program is rooted in a systematic curriculum developed through the fusion of numerous fields, with the primary focus on medicine, dentistry, medical laboratory science, and life science and technology. It aims to inspire mutual cooperation in the various domains of the medical and life sciences and to develop capable medical professionals, researchers, educators, and other professionals in medicine, dentistry, medical laboratory science, and life science and technology who bring extensive knowledge and high ethical standards regarding human health and welfare to their work.
 In detail, the Master of Medical Administration Course strives to effectively address today’s social needs pertaining to medical services, based on a curriculum structured to develop professionals who will excel in positions of leadership. Specifi cally, the course is designed to train individuals who will help establish social systems that supply increasingly effi cient and superior patient-focused health care through the fi elds of medical administration and policy.
 The Master of Public Health in Global Health (MPH) course places its main focus on preventative measures designed to solve issues related to medical insurance and healthcare on a global scale. In order to identify and deal with the societal factors that surround illness, insurance and healthcare systems, universal health insurance, and factors crossing national boundaries such as climate change and air pollution, this course aims to train professionals who, one, have a global perspective and can help formulate effective and efficient preventative strategies to deal with health challenges facing all of humankind, and two, can work with specialists in many fields toward common goals and gain the understanding of the community while contributing to society.

Doctoral Program

Medical and Dental Sciences

This course is devoted to developing researchers who are wellversed in specialized knowledge that spans both medicine and dentistry and who act as global leaders and cooperate closely with their counterparts in other fields; educators who are rich in spirit and have highly developed expertise in devising and implementing effective educational strategies; highly specialized medical professionals who have uncompromising ethical views and a passionate interest in research; and opinion leaders who will act as pioneers in a new and more progressive era.

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

This program is designed to develop professionals who have comprehensive knowledge in the fields of life science and technology and medical science. These individuals will attain high degrees of specialization and problem-solving abilities and bring their wide-ranging scholarship and global perspective to interdisciplinary fields positioned to fuse the domains of life science and advanced medicine. In particular, the envisioned outcomes include the training of researchers who have advanced capabilities in the fulfillment of research objectives, educators who achieve distinguished levels of scholarship and possess an exceptional sense of humanity, and professionals who have the high-caliber management skills required for cutting edge innovation in response to global trends and societal demands in settings such as medical institutions and the biotechnology industry.