Prof. Takanori Takebe receives 2024 Vilcek Foundation Award for Creative Promise

Prof. Takanori Takebe (Advanced Multidisciplinary Research Cluster, Institute of Research, TMDU), has been selected to receive a 2024 Vilcek Foundation Prize for Creative Promise.

The Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise are awards given to young researchers who have made outstanding achievements in the field of Biomedical Science. Professor Takebe was awarded for his work in creating three-dimensional human organoid tissues with vascular structures that can be transplanted from pluripotent stem cells, paving the way for therapeutic approaches to intractable liver disease.

Takebe joined TMDU in 2018 as a Professor of Institute of Research. He is also a Director for Commercial Innovation at Cincinnati Children’s Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Research and Medicine (CuSTOM), and recently published an article titled “Complement factor D targeting protects endotheliopathy in organoid and monkey models of COVID-19” in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

2024 Vilcek Foundation Award Video

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