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Development of bioinspired damage-tolerant calcium phosphate bulk materials

October 16, 2023


Improving the damage tolerance and reliability of ceramic artificial bone materials, such as sintered bodies of hydroxyapatite (HAp), that remain in vivo for long periods of time is of utmost importance. However, the intrinsic brittleness and low damage tolerance of ceramics make this challenging. This paper reports the synthesis of highly damage tolerant calcium phosphate-based materials with a bioinspired design for novel artificial bones. The heat treatment of isophthalate ion-containing octacalcium phosphate compacts in a nitrogen atmosphere at 1000°C for 24 h produced an HAp/β-tricalcium phosphate/pyrolytic carbon composite with a brick-and-mortar structure (similar to that of the nacreous layer). This composite exhibited excellent damage tolerance, with no brittle fracture upon nailing, likely attributable to the specific mechanical properties derived from its unique microstructure. Its maximum bending stress, maximum bending strain, Young’s modulus, and Vickers hardness were 11.7 MPa, 2.8 × 10‒2, 5.3 GPa, and 11.7 kgf/mm2, respectively. The material exhibited a lower Young’s modulus and higher fracture strain than that of HAp-sintered bodies and sintered-body samples prepared from pure octacalcium phosphate compacts. Additionally, the apatite-forming ability of the obtained material was confirmed in vitro, using a simulated body fluid. The proposed bioinspired material design could enable the fabrication of highly damage tolerant artificial bones that remain in vivo for long durations of time.

Journal Article

JOURNAL:Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

TITLE:Development of bioinspired damage-tolerant calcium phosphate bulk materials


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