Third TMDU FD Session, June 8, 2013

Third TMDU FD Session, June 8, 2013

On June 8, the third university-wide TMDU Faculty Development (FD) session was held at Akio Suzuki Memorial Hall.

As 577 staff members attended the session, the capacity of Akio Suzuki Memorial Hall was put to the test.

The FD session was meant to deepen staff members’ understanding of TMDU and help them identify and work toward goals.

Professor Takashi OYAMA, President of TMDU, gave the opening remarks to start off the FD session. The Trustees of Planning/International Exchange, Education, Research, Medical Treatment, and General Affairs/Finance/Facilities then took turns speaking on the subject of “Recent trends in university reform and the duty of TMDU.” The assembled attendees asked many questions in the ensuing Q&A session.

The attendees were then treated to a guest lecture by Mr. Eiichi KAJITA, Trustee of Nara Gakuen, whose talk was entitled, “Japanese tradition and cultural education is indispensable for globalization.” Prof. KAJITA spoke enthusiastically, and the attendees took down many notes.

Lunch was served at the Faculty Lounge, M&D Tower, 26F, where the participants enjoyed speaking with the speakers in a relaxed manner.

After lunch, Prof. Ikuo MORITA, Trustee of Research, TMDU, presented his talk, “Our duty to prevent academic injustice.” Prof. MORITA advised the assembly of the model of behavior and the standard of ethics to which all academics should aspire.

The participants rated the FD session highly, for its useful and inspiring content.

TMDU President Prof. Takashi OYAMA, giving the opening speech.

Prof. Eiichi KAJITA, Trustee of Nara Gakuen, addressing the assembled faculty members.

TMDU faculty members listening attentively to the lectures.