Year 2019

Year 2019

8th TMDU International Summer Program (ISP2019)
TMDU’s 8th International Summer Program (ISP2019) was held from July 8th to 13th 2019. This year’s program was planned and prepared by the ISP2019 work group under the leadership of Chairperson Professor Hidenobu Shigemitsu (Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Acting Director of Institute of Global Affairs). The topic of ISP2019 was “Medical Innovation beyond 2020”. The purpose of the program is to promote international exchange and strengthen relationships with overseas affiliated universities in the United States, Thailand, and Taiwan. Twenty-three participants and three faculty members were invited from overseas affiliated universities, and various events were held during ISP2019.

July 8th (Monday)
Work group members held an orientation which included an introduction of TMDU and ISP2019 and an exciting icebreaker activity that required the participants to introduce one another. Then the participants followed Professor Yasuhiro Otomo (Department of Acute Critical Care and Disaster Medicine) to the heliport at TMDU Medical Hospital, where they could have a full view of the location, scale and function of TMDU Yushima Campus and the Medical Hospital.
In the evening, a welcome party was held. After a commemorative photo was taken, President Yasuyuki Yoshizawa officially welcomed the participants, and Professor Akinori Kimura (Executive Senior Vice President) made a toast.

July 9th (Tuesday)
Prominent researchers and scholars were invited to give lectures at ISP2019. They included Professor Hidenobu Shigemitsu (Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Acting Director, Institute of Global Affairs), Professor Yasuhiro Otomo (Department of Acute Critical Care and Disaster Medicine), Associate Professor Sadakatsu Ikeda (Precision Cancer Medicine), Professor Takanori Takebe (Organ and Tissue Neogenesis Consortium), Professor Takanori Iwata (Department of Periodontology), Professor Hiroshi Asahara (Department of System BioMedicine), Professor Yusuke Kinugasa (Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery) and Professor Tetsuya Taga (Executive Senior Vice President, Director, Institute of Global Affairs, Department of Stem Cell Regulation). After the lectures, participants were invited to join a Clinical Rotation or a Lab Visit(※)in clinical departments or laboratories at TMDU.

July 10th (Wednesday)
More invited lectures were given on Wednesday, including lectures by Dr. Jess Mandel (University of California, San Diego), Dr. Donna D Elliott and Dr. Kazuhide Matsushima (University of Southern California), Professor Kenji Kawashima (Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering), and Professor Takeo Fujiwara (Department of Global Health Promotion). After the lectures, participants joined another round of Clinical Rotations or Laboratory Visits.

July 11th (Thursday)
TMDU Professor Kazuki Takada (Acting Director of Institute of Global Affairs) held a workshop in which participants, including participants from TMDU, were invited to give a presentation to introduce their universities. Afterwards, participants were divided into 6 groups and took part in a group discussion on a common topic.

July 12th (Friday)
Each group of participants gave a presentation on a common topic they discussed in group discussion on July 11th. Afterwards the participants went on a bus tour to Asakusa, Ueno and Akihabara as part of the “Get To Know More About Japan” activities. Everyone enjoyed Japanese culture and food.

During the closing ceremony, Professor Hidenobu Shigemitsu shared closing remarks and Professor Taga presented a ISP2019 certificate to each participant and a Group Discussion Award to each group. Afterwards a commemorative photo was taken and a Farewell Party held. President Yoshizawa made closing remarks and Professor Morio (Department of Dental Education Development, Division Head of Global Affairs Advancement Division, Institute of Global Affairs) made a toast. Program participants spent the rest of the farewell party eating, talking, laughing, and, sadly, saying their goodbyes after a week of bonding over new professional experiences at TMDU.

July 13th (Saturday)
As a continuation of “Get To Know More About Japan” activities, participants were divided into several groups and visited sightseeing spots, which deepened their experience with Japanese culture.

For both TMDU students and faculty, ISP2019 was a wonderful opportunity to exchange views with visiting participants on medicine, dentistry, and culture, as well as to showcase TMDU excellence in campus facilities and academic research.

We are deeply grateful to departments and professors who opened their facilities to program praticipants.
Clinical Rotation Departments includes:
Department of Intensive Care Medicine (ICU)
Department of Acute Critical Care and Disaster Medicine (ER)
Department of Urology
Medical Hospital Center of Personalized Medicine for Healthy Aging
Medical Hospital Surgical Center
Medical Hospital Endoscopy

Laboratory Visit Departments includes:
Department of Stem Cell Regulation
Department of Systems BioMedicine
Organ and Tissue Neogenesis Consortium
Bioresource Research Center

ISP2019 Commemorative Photograph

Official Greeting by TMDU President (Welcome Party)

Participants introducing each other (Orientation)

Medical Hospital Heliport Visit

Lecture Course

Clinical Rotation

Clinical Rotation

Laboratory Visit

Introduction of Each Participant University

Group Discussion

Presentation of Group Discussion

Bus Tour to Asakusa

Presentation of ISP2019 Certificate

Presentation of Group Discussion Award

Farewell Party Commemorative Photograph

Farewell Party

Visit to TMDU President by Dr. Donna D Elliott and Dr. Kazuhide Matsushima (USC)

Visit to TMDU President by Dr. Jess Mandel (UCSD)