Diet to amend legislation, enable formation of Institute of Science Tokyo in October 2024

   Today the Diet passed an act to partially amend the National University Corporation Act, including the establishment of National University Corporation Institute of Science Tokyo, by integrating National University Corporation Tokyo Medical and Dental University(TMDU) and National University Corporation Tokyo Institute of Technology(Tokyo Tech). 
 First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Diet, government officials, and other relevant parties for their tremendous efforts in amending this act.
 As a result of this amendment, TMDU and Tokyo Tech are merged to establish Institute of Science Tokyo on October 1, 2024.

   By taking advantage of the traditions and innovations of both universities, we will create a new type of university, which no other university has been able to achieve. Until now, both universities have led the development of industry and the progress of medicine through the cultivation of human resources who can skillfully apply knowledge and technology related to science, engineering, medicine, and dentistry in a wide range of fields. At the same time, society expects universities to play a greater role in bringing together the knowledge to solve the variety of challenges that humanity is facing, such as the deterioration of the global environment, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, and an aging society with a declining birthrate, all of which were unimaginable in the past.
  Therefore, in order to forge a vibrant future together with society, both corporations will be integrated and a new university will be established as Institute of Science Tokyo to serve as a center of international excellence in education and research. Furthermore, under pioneering governance, the integrated corporation and Institute of Science Tokyo will further acquire external resources, and integrate and utilize the expanded resources at a high level to dramatically enhance the educational and research environment as well as the training environment for students and faculty members.

  We will earnestly continue discussions between the two universities which started in August 2022. Faculty and staff members will work together to prepare for the forthcoming integration day.

  We would like to ask for the continued understanding and support of applicants, and their families, who are considering entering TMDU or Tokyo Tech, current students and alumni of both universities, those who support both universities in various ways, and Japanese citizens who support the foundation of national universities, for the establishment and development of Institute of Science Tokyo.
Yujiro Tanaka, President, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Kazuya Masu, President, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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