Privacy Protection Policy

Privacy Protection Policy

National University Corporation, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Basic Policy on Privacy Protection

1. Basic Policy

The National University Corporation, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (hereafter referred to as ‘this institution’) will comply with all laws and school regulations regarding privacy. This institution will properly collect and utilize private information handled at this university. It will prove worthy of public trust by managing personal information safely, keeping it updated, and by disposing of it properly.

2. Organizational Activities

To incorporate the basic policy, the actions listed below will be taken.
1Comply with laws regarding privacy.
2Establish in-school regulations regarding the handling of personal information and comply with them.
3Regularly review whether or not personal information is handled in a proper manner, and guide reform is issues arise.

3.Handling of Private Information

As for handling of personal information, we strive to actualize the principles listed below.

1. Preparation of a Management System

This university will prepare a system for proper management of personal information, and by doing so, will strive to protect and take all possible safety measures.

2. Collection of Private Information

When collecting personal information, if the information itself and purpose of collection and utilization is intended to be purveyed by another party, the purpose and the range of purveyance will be properly handled.

3. Utilization, Purveyance and Entrustment of Personal Information

When utilizing personal information, the importance of privacy protection will be highly respected. Information will only be utilized within the proper range of its intended purpose. In addition, when purveying or entrusting a third party to process all or a part of someone’s personal information, this institution will make sure the third party is carefully selected. It will exercise the necessary supervision to make sure that the third party properly manages the information in the same manner that the institution would do so.

4. Respecting a Person’s Rights

Regarding individual privacy, upon a request from a person himself/herself, and only when their identity is verified, the request for disclosure, revision and deletion of his/her own personal information will be complied with within a rational period and proper range.

5. Continuous Improvement in Handling of Personal Information

In proper fashion, this institution will continuously strive to improve our handling of personal information.