Entrance Ceremony of the Graduate Schools 2019

Entrance Ceremony of the Graduate Schools 2019

On Friday the 18th of October, the Entrance Ceremony of Graduate Schools 2019 was held in Akio Suzuki Memorial Hall. TMDU welcomed 5 new students to the Master's Program: Health Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, 5 to the Master's Program: Master of Public Health in Global Health (MPH) Course, 18 to the Doctoral Program: Medical and Dental Sciences, 1 to the University of Chile and TMDU Joint Degree Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences with Mention of a Medical Specialty and 5 to the Doctoral Program: Biomedical Sciences and Engineering – a grand total of 34 students.

The ceremony was concluded with President Yoshizawa`s address.

Congratulations to all new students!

New students represent the following countries:

People’s Republic of China : 12 Kingdom of Thailand : 5 Republic of Ghana : 4
Republic of the Union of Myanmar : 3 Socialist Republic of Vietnam : 1
Arab Republic of Egypt : 1 Taiwan : 1 Japan : 2 Federative Republic of Brazil : 1
Mongolia : 1 Republic of Malawi : 1 Republic of Peru : 1 Republic of India : 1

Incoming student representative greetings to the president

President Yoshizawa’s Ceremonial Address

View of the Entrance Ceremony 1

View of the Entrance Ceremony 2