Imperial College London (ICL) Delegation Visits TMDU

Imperial College London (ICL) Delegation Visits TMDU



On Wednesday, 15 March 2023, a delegation from Imperial College London (ICL), including Prof. Neena MODI, and Prof. Masao TAKATA (Executive Director, TMDU), visited Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) to discuss “Academic Research” and “Academic-industry Collaboration” with the faculty of TMDU.

The discussions consisted of, part 1 “Academic Research” and part 2 “Academic-industry Collaboration” with 9 participants from ICL and 12 from TMDU. Part 1 began with opening remarks by Prof. Shuji TOHDA, Dean, Faculty of Medicine (TMDU), Prof. Neena MODI, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Medicine (ICL), and Prof. Tomohiro MORIO, Executive Officer and Vice President (TMDU), followed by presentations from the two universities. In part 2, both universities introduced overviews of related activities, and the discussion ended with closing remarks by Prof. Shuji TOHDA. After that, a luncheon was held with President Yujiro TANAKA (TMDU) to deepen exchange between the two universities.

We are all looking forward to an even wider range of academic exchange between our universities in the future that will lead to further promotion of collaboration.