Workshop on “Oral Health Care Support Project in Antarctic” held

Workshop on “Oral Health Care Support Project in Antarctic” held

Opening remarks by Junji Tagami, DDS, PhD, Vice President

On September 13th 2016, TMDU and National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) held a Workshop on “Oral Health Care Support Project in Antarctic” at TMDU. From Syowa Station in Antarctic, medical doctors also participated through telecommunication system.

TMDU offers oral health care support project to Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in partnership with NIPR from 2013. Dental examination before expedition, dental training program for attending medical doctors and consultation using telecommunication system in case of oral health problems occur in Antarctic. Because an expedition team includes two medical doctors, but no dentists. There are many countries’ bases in Antarctic, but this unique dental support project is conducted only in Japan by TMDU dental team.

In the workshop, dentists at TMDU and medical doctors at Syowa base reported their activities and discussed future needs and prospects of oral health care in pole environment with audience.

Yoko Kawaguchi, DDS, PhD, Chairperson of the workshop

Takashi Zaitsu, DDS, PhD, playing a key role in the oral health care support project for Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition

Koji Araki, DDS, PhD, reporting dental training program for medical doctors at TMDU’s Skills Lab.

Satoshi Yamaguchi, DDS, PhD, making a presentation on oral diseases and dental care in pole environment

Atsuhiro Kinoshita, DDS, PhD, making a presentation on remote dental consultation system between TMDU and Showa Station in Antarctic

This system gives dentists at TMDU audiovisual information needed for diagnosis and advice for oral health problems in remote area

Hirohisa Morikawa, MD, NIPR, reporting the dental problems in the 57th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from Showa Station.

Dr.Morikawa showed us video of Syowa Station and fantastic aurora

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