Campus Life

Campus Life

① Before coming to Japan

Consult useful information about details you need to know before coming to Japan such as: living in Tokyo, housing, visa eligibility, scholarships, tuition, cost of living, health and safety, etc.
Guide to study abroad at TMDU

② Arriving in Tokyo

Tips and procedures for living in Japan, such as paperwork for city ward offices and university.
First steps
All you need to know in 10 minutes
Campus Map / Access

③ Daily life

④ Campus life

⑤ Learning Japanese language

⑥ Events

⑦ Others

⑧ Contact

*Please make sure to contact the appropriate section according to the information you are looking for.
➣ Foreign Student Support Unit (FSSU) 
    Visa, accommodation, MEXT scholarship, Japanese language course, housing guarantee
    system, tutor system:
➣ Student Support Office
    Accommodation, tuition exemption, fitness room:
➣ International Exchange Section, General Affairs
    Events for international students, alumni:
    Inter-university partnerships:
➣ Admissions
    Student Application

All students are required to belong to the National Health Insurance system. The International Exchange Center (IEC) has information regarding how to apply for NHI at your local ward office / city office and general information on using the insurance system.

Tokyo Medical and Dental University extends its most sincere sympathy to all who suffered from "the 2011 of the Great Tohoku kanto Earthquake".

Incoming International Students: You will be assigned a tutor, who is another TMDU student, for your first year in Japan. Your tutor can answer questions, explain procedures, help you fill out documents and provide support during your first year of life and study in Japan.

Seasonal Event Plan
(Introducing Japanese Culture)