TMDU co-hosted the startup event “Techcracker Lab” in collaboration with Horizons Ventures

On Monday, March 11, 2024, over 700 individuals from across Japan and around the world gathered at TMDU or tuned in via YouTube Live for the inaugural "Techcracker Lab" startup event. Dr. Jennifer Doudna, a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, along with five other international researchers-turned-entrepreneurs, shared their insights on success, failure, and the intersection of research and entrepreneurship.
This marked the first-ever Techcracker Lab held in Japan, co-hosted by TMDU and the Hong Kong-based venture capital firm, Horizons Ventures. The event aimed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among younger generations.

Throughout the event, many students and young researchers seized the opportunity to submit their questions via an online form. While only a few questions could be addressed during the Q&A sessions after each presentation, the over 130 submissions covered a wide range of topics, from seeking advice on overcoming personal challenges due to failure to delving into detailed questions and sharing ideas related to each presenter’s research.

When asked about dealing with failure, a recurring theme in all responses was to stay curious, seek assistance, and take breaks. Dr. Doudna encapsulated this sentiment by stating: 
“For me, there are several strategies for dealing with frustration and failure. Firstly, I am very stubborn. If I really want to do something, giving up is not an option. Secondly, I actively seek out good guidance. And thirdly, taking breaks is crucial. Go and do something else, and many times that is the key to getting over a hump for me.”
The positive atmosphere and motivational messages resonated in the voices of participants following the event:

"Hearing their journeys from graduate students to CEOs was truly inspiring. The insights gained from the lecture series were invaluable, and I believe they will greatly aid me in my future entrepreneurial endeavors."

You can view the entire event via the YouTube Live recording provided below:

For more information about the speakers, please click

Opening speech by President Tanaka

Ms. Solina Chau, Co-Founder of Horizons Ventures

Keynote speech by Dr. Jennifer Doudna
“Delivering the Future of CRISPR-based Genome Editing”

Keynote speech by Dr. Jennifer Doudna
“Delivering the Future of CRISPR-based Genome Editing”

Presentation by Prof. Michael Biercuk
“Making Quantum Technology Useful through Infrastructure Software”

Presentation by Dr. Hon Weng Chong
“The DishBrain and my Decade-long Wanderings from MD to Tech Startups”

Presentation by Dr. Andrea Choe
“Mining the Therapeutic Potential of Worms to treat Allergic and Autoimmune Disease”

Presentation by Dr. Sebastian Himbert
“Bleeding for Science”

Presentation by Dr. Andrew Pelling
“From Scientist to Entrepreneur by Making Body Parts in the 7-Eleven”

MCs of the event, Prof. Tomohiro Morio (right) and Mr. Jonathan Tam (left)