TMDU Center for Infectious Disease Education and Analysis (TCIDEA) by Yoshiaki Gu, Tomoko Yazawa and Hiroaki Takeuchi

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The TMDU Center for Infectious Disease Education and Analysis (TCIDEA) at Tokyo Medical and Dental University was established in November 2023.
The abbreviated name “IDEA” reflects our pursuit of knowledge and new ideas for understanding infectious disease.

The Center consists of three divisions: the Division of Clinical Medicine, the Division of Social Medicine, and the Division of Basic Medicine.

Under the leadership of President Tanaka, TMDU has been actively working to combat the COVID-19 pandemic from an early stage.
In addition to treating critically ill patients at the university hospital, each block within the university has responded to the pandemic by making the most of their respective specialties and working together as a unified team.
The university is proud of the role it played in the pandemic response.

Various issues have been identified through the university’s response to COVID-19.
In terms of medical care, there was a lack of human resources to promote both infectious disease treatment and infection control.
Also, at the very beginning of the pandemic, we were not fully prepared with an awareness of the coming crisis.

In terms of research, it is undeniable that the lack of human resources and facilities to safely and efficiently handle pathogens delayed the establishment of a research system in the initial phase.
In terms of intelligence, it is important for academia to disseminate reliable information from a professional perspective.
To address these issues, the university has established the following three departments: the Department of Infectious Diseases, led by Professor Yoshiaki Gu, in 2021; the Department of Infectious Disease Emergency Preparedness, led by Professor Tomoko Yazawa, in 2022; and the Department of High-risk Infectious Disease Control, led by Professor Hiroaki Takeuchi, in 2023.

TCIDEA will collaborate organically with each block within the university and with the hospital, with these three departments playing a central role.
TCIDEA will then take the lead in promoting infection control measures throughout the university.