Tokyo Medical and Dental University & Tokyo Institute of Technology Photo Contest

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) and the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) are hosting a joint photo contest as part of our integration efforts. This contest, aimed at fostering interaction through photography among incumbent students and faculty, graduates, and former employees are welcome to join!

We eagerly await submissions that express the philosophy of the Institute of Science Tokyo or works that represent the legend/philosophy/identity/values/etc. you wish to pass on to the new university. We are particularly interested in entries that depict vibrant moments of both universities through your lens. The contest is open not only to students and faculty but also to alumni.

Winners will be invited to an award ceremony during the TMDU Homecoming Day, where prizes will also be awarded. We encourage everyone to participate and share their unique perspectives.

Application Overview

Eligible Participants
Current students, academic faculty and staff, and alumni and former employee of TMDU & Tokyo Tech

Application Period
April 26 to June 30, 2024

Theme of the Contest
We accept works that align with the theme set by the applicant themselves, following the example themes shown below. We only accept photos taken in either of the campuses of the two universities. 
Please follow the requirements written below at the time of shooting.

【Example Themes】
• Works that express the philosophy of the Institute of Science Tokyo, or works that represent the legend/philosophy/identity/values/etc. you wish to pass on to the new university.
(e.g. Philosophy of the new and old, nostalgic photos, things that could typically represent the Institute of Science Tokyo)
• Works that express university scenery and landscape, such as club activities and campus scenery
• Works related to everyday scenes or common situations
(e.g. Departmental gatherings, works that show working atmosphere and characteristics of the workplace) 
• Snapshots that represent or showcase common scenes of life seen at hospitals, academic departments, research communities, students, employees, etc.
• Works that introduce the new university as the world’s leading research institution.

About the Department and Awards
QUO cards and certificates will be awarded.
We are planning to have several categories such as Grand Prix, WEB Voting Award, and others.
※Above will depend on the total number of applications.
※We will contact the awardees separately for the award ceremony.

Submission Method
Please submit your entry via the online form by filling in the required information (1) to (4) shown below. Also, please use the photo theme as the file name. 
Online form URL:

(1) Your Name 
(2) Affiliation (e.g. △Department, △Year student, △Department graduate (△th graduate))
(3) Email
(4) Theme and description of the work
*If you do not have digital data of your artwork, please print out the artwork and the described items 1 to 4 and submit to the Public Relations Section of TMDU Yushima campus (Bldgs. 1, West 2F) or the Public Relations Division of Tokyo Tech Ookayama campus (Administration Bureau Bldgs. 1)

About the Submission
• Only one entry per person is allowed, and it must be a work taken by the applicant themselves and not by another entity.
• Works that have already been posted on SNS or blogs can also be submitted.
 (However, double submission of the same artwork to another contest is not allowed)
• In addition to digital cameras, photos taken with high-quality smartphones is allowed.
• We are considering exhibiting the winning works in A3 size (5787×4093 pixels) 350dpi. Please take into consideration the size and the resolution level of your artwork before submission. (Aspect ratio is not specified)
• Works that have been processed or have used AI to produce the artwork can also be submitted. However, please specify the degree in which AI was used to produce the photo, and indicate the software used for photo processing.
• If the submitted work contains a copyrighted work owned by another person or a portrait of another person, you must obtain prior copyright consent from the owner of the work, or the person in the portrait (or their guardian if under age 18).
• If the contest organizer determines the submitted work falls under the following category/ies, the applicant agrees to the decisions made by the organizing committee to exclude the submission from the judging process without notification.

(1) Violates the submission rules.
(2) Contrary or likely to be contrary to public policy.
(3) Infringes or likely to infringe the copyright, portrait rights, or other rights of any third party, or is likely to do so.
(4) Defames a third party, invades their privacy, or is likely to do so.
(5) Violates laws and regulations, or is linked to criminal behavior, or is likely to do so.
(6) The organizer determines that it is not suitable for the purpose of the contest, such as advertising and promotion.
(7) Hinders or is likely to hinder the proper operation of the contest.
(8) The work data is unreadable.
*Please note* Award-winning works are scheduled to be announced and published on the TMDU website and other places.

When shooting, please
• Do not shoot in places where shooting is prohibited.
• Do not take photos that may cause inconvenience to others.
• Ensure to pay full attention to safety, rules, and manners when shooting.

Copyright and Usage Rights of Submitted Works
The copyright of the submitted works belongs to the applicant, but by submitting, it is considered that you have granted permission to TMDU and Tokyo Tech, and Institute of Science Tokyo to use the submitted works for exhibitions they host, as well as for flyers, pamphlets, websites, and other public relations activities. Please note that the title of the work and the name of the applicant will be published at the time of announcement.

Handling of personal information and scope of responsibility of contest organizer

• The personal information of the applicants will be used only within the range of the purpose of this contest.
• The contest organizer will not respond to individual inquiries regarding judging results or about the award winners.
• In the event of a complaint or objection from a third party regarding the infringement of rights or compensation for damages related to the submitted work, or if the applicant or the subject of the photograph suffers any damage, TMDU, Tokyo Tech and Institute of Science Tokyo will not assume any responsibility.

Outline of Judging

Judging Procedure
Award-winning works are selected under the following two independent categories (1) and (2).

(1) After the application is closed, the submitted works will be reviewed by a panel of judges according to the following criteria (either 1) or 2))

【Judging Perspectives】
1) Whether it corresponds to any of the following
• Works expressing the philosophy of Institute of Science Tokyo
• Works expressing raison d’etre of the university (education, research, medical treatment, student life, community contribution, social collaboration, etc.)
• Works expressing the history and charm of both universities
• Works promoting interaction and mutual understanding between both universities
• Themes newly created by the submitted works.
2) Whether it has expressiveness and originality (e.g., whether the photographer's intention is conveyed, viewpoint, composition, balance, focus, color expressiveness, unique ideas)
*note* The judging criteria may be changed, added, or even combined depending on the entries received.

(2) The online voting will be scheduled after July. The work with the highest number of votes will be selected as the winner in the voting category.

Executive Vice President and Deputy Director in charge of public relations/integration branding at both universities
Presidents of the Photography Club at both universities
Special Judges (Faculty of Tokyo University of the Arts)

Announcement of Results
The results of the judging will be announced in September 2024 on the TMDU website ( The Grand-Prix will be displayed at the Yushima Campus (Bldgs. C, U Area) of Tokyo Medical and Dental University and at the Ookayama Campus (Taki Plaza) of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Both the announcement of judging results and the display of works are scheduled around September.

Flyer (poster) data

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