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161Myint Oo KZMinimal clinically important differences of oral health-related quality of life after removable partial denture treatments.J Dent2020
160磯島慧悟The change of surface charge by lithium ion coating enhances protein adsorption on titanium.J Mech Behav Biomed Mater2019
159Nuttaphon KittikundechaFatigue properties of removable partial denture clasps fabricated by selective laser melting followed by heat treatment.J Mech Behav Biomed Mater2019
158関絵里奈Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and fatigue strength of CoCrMo alloys fabricated by selective laser melting.Materials Letters2019
157山﨑俊輝Influence of block-out on retentive force of thermoplastic resin clasps: an in vitro experimental and finite element analysis..J Prosthodont Res2019
156鍋島 玄Effect of dietary counselling with prosthetic restoration on fruit and vegetable intake in partially dentate patients: A prospective study..J Oral Rehabil2018
155中村一寿Head position affects the direction of occlusal force during tapping movement.J Oral Rehabil2018
154稲川英明Potential for estimation of Young's modulus based on computed tomography numbers in bone: A validation study using a nano-indentation test on murine maxilla.Dent Oral Craniofac Res2018
153葉山博工Trueness and precision of digital impressions obtained using an intraoral scanner with different head size in the partially edentulous mandible.J Prosthodont Res2018
152平澤正洋Superhydrophilic co-polymer coatings on denture surfaces reduce Candida albicans adhesion-An in vitro study.Arch Oral Biol2018
151佐戸川 佑弥Short-term changes in chewing efficiency and subjective evaluation in normal dentate subjects after insertion of oral appliances with an occlusal flat table.J Oral Rehabil2018
150秋本悌助Evaluation of corrosion resistance of implant-use Ti-Zr binary alloys with a range of compositions.J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater2018
149髙草木謙介Effect of incorporation of surface pre-reacted glass ionomer filler in tissue conditioner on the inhibition of Candida albicans adhesion. Dent Mater J2018
148吉原千絵Inverse response of osteoblasts and fibroblasts to growth on carbon-deposited titanium surfaces.J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater2018
147稲用友佳Adaptive change in chewing-related brain activity while wearing a palatal plate: an functional magnetic resonance imaging study..J Oral Rehabil2017
146渡邉知恵Chronological grey scale changes in supporting alveolar bone by removable partial Chronological grey scale changes in supporting alveolar bone by removable partial denture placement on patients with periodontal disease: A 6-month follow-up study using digital subtraction analysis..J Dent2017
145半田和之The ball-on-disk cyclic wear of CAD/CAM machinable dental composite and ceramic materials..J Oral Sci2017
144石山裕之Effect of jaw-opening exercise on prevention of temporomandibular disorders pain associated with oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea patients: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.J Prosthodont Res2017
143井川泰葉Effects of citalopram on jaw-closing muscle activity during sleep and wakefulness in mice.Neurosci Res2016
142熊谷勇人Factors associated with mucosal pain in patients with partial removable dental prostheses.J Oral Rehabil2016
141李 宗霖Titanium-Zirconium Binary Alloy as Dental Implant Material: Analysis of the Influence of Compositional Change on Mechanical Properties and In Vitro Biologic Response.Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants2016
140新井裕貴Peptide-induced de novo bone formation after tooth extraction prevents alveolar bone loss in a murine tooth extraction model.Eur J Pharmacol2016
139加嶋佑佳Fatigue strength of Co-Cr-Mo alloy clasps prepared by selective laser melting.J Mech Behav Biomed Mater2016
138堤 千明Reduction of Candida biofilm adhesion by incorporation of prereacted glass ionomer filler in denture base resin.

J Dent2016
137鈴木奈月A threshold of mechanical strain intensity for the direct activation of osteoblast function exists in a murine maxilla loading model..Biomech Model Mechanobiol2015
136関西崇史Influence of denture tooth thickness on fracture mode of thin acrylic resin bases: An experimental and finite element analysisJ Prosthet2015
135林 遼Hydrocarbon deposition attenuates osseointegration capability of titaniumJ Dent Res2014
134豊嶋悠輔Load limit of mini implants with reduced abutment height based on fatigue fracture resistance: Experimental and finite element studyInt J Oral Maxillofac Implants2014
132高市 敦士Microstructures and mechanical properties of Co-29Cr-6Mo alloy
fabricated by selective laser melting process for dental applications
J Mech Behav Biomed Mater2013
131村上 奈津子Effect of high-pressure polymerization on mechanical properties of PMMA denture base resinJ Mech Behav Biomed Mater2013
130青 藍一郎Clinical and microbiologic effects of lingual cervical coverage by removable partial dentures.Int J Prosthodont2013
129岩城 有希Dimensional accuracy of optical bite registration in single and multiple unit restorations.Oper Dent2012
128石幡 一樹Reproducibility of probing depth measurement by an experimental periodontal probe incorporating optical fiber sensor.J Periodontol2012
127依田 慶太Effects of chromium and nitrogen content on the microstructures and mechanical properties of as-cast Co-Cr-Mo alloys for dental applications.Acta Biomater2012
126安部 友佳Association of genetic, psychological and behavioral factors with sleep bruxism in a Japanese population.J Sleep Res2012
125藤木 健吾The influence of mechanical stimulation on osteoclast localization in the mouse maxilla: bone histomorphometry and finite element analysis.Biomech Model Mechanobiol2012
124梅原 康佑Canine oral mucosal fibroblasts differentiate into osteoblastic cells in response to BMP-2.Anat Rec2012
123岡野 耕大咀嚼における咬合彎曲の意義 ―健常有歯顎者の咬合彎曲と咀嚼運動との関連―口病誌2011
122和田 淳一郎Influence of the major connector in a maxillary denture on phonetic function.J Prosthodont Res2011
121酒井 良幸Effects of surface roughness and tapered angle of cone crown telescopic system on retentive force.Denta Mater J2011
120古本 博嗣部分床義歯装着者における咀嚼混合能力と口腔関連QoLの関連口病誌2010
119土屋 恭子遊離端義歯の支持機構が顎口腔系に及ぼす影響口病誌2010
118志村 佳亮Influence of removable partial dentures on the formation of dental plaque on abutment teeth.J Prosthodont Res2010
117大井田 督仁Evaluation of the static frictional coefficients of Co-Cr and gold alloys for cone crown telescope denture retainer applications.Denta Mater J2010
116Amarsanaa BStability of mandibular overdentures before and after attachment wear. An in vitro study補綴誌2009
115杉浦 建純Comparisons between a mixing ability test and masticatory performance tests using a brittle or an elastic test food.J Oral Rehabil2009
114加賀谷 健介Three-dimensional analysis of occlusal curvature in healthy Japanese young adults.J Oral Rehabil2009
113酒井 哲史Effect of mold temperatures on interface between primary and secondary castings of cast-on method for precision metal frameworks.J Prosthodont Res2009
112峰 健太Microbiological risk for periodontitis of abutment teeth in patients with removable partial dentures.J Oral Rehabil2009
111永田 浩司Reinforcement effects of fiberglass on telescopic dentures using a three-dimensional finite element analysis and fracture test.Denta Mater J2009
110白須 健一郎Non-linear finite element stress analysis of plastic deformation in Co-Cr wrought-wire clasps.Dent Mater2008
109Destine DMetallic artifacts in MRI caused by dental alloys and magnetic keeper.補綴誌2008
108伊藤 令華Effect of direct retainer and major connector designs on RPD and abutment tooth movement dynamics.J Oral Rehabil2008
107犬飼 美香Does removable partial denture quality affect individuals' oral health?J Dent Res2008
106吉田 英子Association between food mixing ability and mandibular movements during chewing of a wax cube.J Oral Rehabil2007
105北条 明光Association between the amount of alcohol intake and masseter muscle activity levels recorded during sleep in healthy young women.Int J Prosthodont2007
104田中 淳Influence of cross-sectional shape of the margin, contour and positioning of palatal connectors on oral sensationProsthodont Res Pract2007
103宇野 薫Effects of the insertion of unilateral extension base removable partial dentures on the amount of an umami component eluted during masticationProsthodont Res Pract2007
102Salleh NMObjective and subjective hardness of a test item used for evaluating food mixing ability.J Oral Rehabil2007
101田中 健久Finite element stress analysis of overdenture abutment as a function of crown-to-root ratio.Prosthodont Res Pract2006

100安藤 智宏Analysis of the relationship between palatal contour and the phonetic function in complete denture wearers using a speech recognition systemProsthodont Res Pract2006
99犬飼 周佑Analysis of the relationship between the incisal overjet in a maxillary denture and phonetic function usinga speech recognition systemProsthodont Res Pract2006
98池田 智之Effects of polymerization shrinkage on the interfacial stress at resin-metal joint in denture-base: a non-linear FE stress analysis.Dent Mater2006
97Tumrasvin WFactors associated with masticatory performance in unilateral distal extension removable partial denture patients.J Prosthodont2006
96小奈 正弘Influence of alveolar support on stress in periodontal structuresJ Dent Res2006
95吉村 美枝子Influence of food platform width of mandibular removable partial denture on food mixing ability.J Oral Rehabil2006
94和田 誠之Influence of abutment selection in maxillary Kennedy Class II RPD on elastic stress distribution in oral mucosa: an FEM study.J Prosthodont.2006
93Pallegama RW,Do patients have a preference for major connector designs?J Contemp Dent Pract2006
92郡司 和彦新たに開発された光重合型床用レジンについての基礎的研究 ―適合性, 曲げ強さ, 接着強さについて―口病誌2005
91Mahmoud ADeflection fatigue of Ti-6Al-7Nb, Co-Cr, and gold alloy cast clasps.J Prosthet Dent2005
90有留 久美子Bending properties of strengthened Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy major connectors compared to Co-Cr alloy major connectors.J Prosthet Dent2005
89浅川 明典Detection of improvement in the masticatory function from old to new removable partial dentures using mixing ability test.J Oral Rehabil2005
88清水 肇Effect of metal strengthener length on stress distribution in acrylic denture bases: a finite element study.J Oral Rehabil2004
87村木 宏Finite element contact stress analysis of the RPD abutment tooth and periodontal ligament.J Dent2004
86柳川 雅子Influence of length of food platform on masticatory performance in patients missing unilateral mandibular molars with distal extension removable partial dentures.J Med Dent Sci2004
85中村 輝保Electromyographic evaluation of masticatory function in denture wearers in related to existing occlusal support.J Med Dent Sci2004
84南 一郎Masticatory function for patients with removable partial dentures. J App Res Clin Dent2004
83佐藤 浩史A new and simple method for evaluating masticatory function using newly developed artificial test food.J Oral Rehabil2003
82佐藤 聖子Validity and reliability of a newly developed method for evaluating masticatory function using discriminant analysis.J Oral Rehabil2003
81末田 茂Influence of working side contacts on masticatory function for mandibular distal extension removable partial dentures.J Oral Rehabil2003
80栂野 博Reproducibility of interocclusal recording for mandibular removable partial denture in bilateral distal extension cases.J Med Dent Sci2003
79山崎 真由美Effect of clenching level on mandibular displacement in Kennedy Class II partially edentulous patients.Int J Prosthodont2003
78江藤 美穂Finite element analysis of deflections in major connectors for maxillary RPDs.Int J Prosthodont2002
77岡野 伸彦The influence of altered occlusal guidance on condylar displacement.J Oral Rehabil2002
76Park IDynamic retentive force of a mandibular unilateral removable partial denture framework with a back-action clasp.J Med Dent Sci2001
75上野 剛史Influence of protrusive tooth contact on tapping point distribution.J Oral Rehabil2000
74Guradsapsri WInfluence of clenching level on intercuspal contact area in various regions of dental arch.J Oral Rehabil2000
73西山 暁下顎後方滑走運動時の誘導部の変化が顎機能に与える影響.口病誌1999
72雨森 洋子夜間睡眠時におけるブラキシズムが顎口腔系に及ぼす影響に関する研究口病誌1999
71塩崎 智彦下顎片側遊離端義歯の人工歯咬合面間距離が咀嚼機能に及ぼす影響口病誌1999
70髙橋 重郎新たに開発した6自由度測定システムを用いた部分床義歯の動揺の測定 口病誌1999
69佐藤 雅之部分床義歯の印象採得条件の違いが欠損部顎堤粘膜の印象面形態に及ぼす影響について.口病誌1996
68吉野 敏明左右的な下顎位の変化が咬筋筋活動に及ぼす影響.口病誌1996
67湯上 圭歯牙接触時における筋活動の継時的変化に関する研究.補綴誌1996
66笛木 賢治咬合位の側方的な変化が習慣性開閉口運動の終末位に及ぼす影響.補綴誌1996
65榎澤 宗司実験的早期接触が下顎安静位に及ぼす影響.口病誌1995
64三好 光平下顎後方運動誘導部の変化が習慣性開閉口運動の閉口終末位に及ぼす影響.口病誌1995
63屋嘉 智彦咬合位の変化が咀嚼筋活動に及ぼす影響.口病誌1994
62羽毛田 匡人工歯の咬頭傾斜の相違が義歯の安定性と機能に及ぼす影響.口病誌1993
61石川 晋歯科用磁性アタッチメントの力学的研究.口病誌1993
60耿 哲還部分床義歯における印象採得条件の相違が欠損部顎堤粘膜の微小形態変化に及ぼす影響について.口病誌1993
59若林 則幸超塑性チタン合金義歯床の力学的特性および適合性に関する研究.口病誌1992
58秋重 智司スプリントの咬合接触の違いが咀嚼系に及ぼす影響.口病誌1992
57姜 婷咬みしめ時における顆頭の変位および下顎のたわみ.口病誌1992
56谷田部 優上顎顎粘膜の動的粘弾性測定に関する研究.口病誌1991
55馬場 一美実験的平衡側咬合干渉が顎機能に及ぼす影響.口病誌1991
54日比 英晴天然歯列咬合小面の傾斜角および面積に関する研究.口病誌1991
53伊藤 実希夫チタン合金鋳造床の力学的研究.口病誌1990
52鯉渕 秀明習慣的閉口運動における実験的早期接触の位置が顎機能に及ぼす影響.口病誌1990
51斉藤 光彦荷重時における欠損歯列の小臼歯の動態.口病誌1989
50曽根田 兼司上顎犬歯舌面の傾斜角度の違いが咀嚼筋活動に及ぼす影響.口病誌1989
49加藤 光雄歯の動揺の新しい測定法について.口病誌1988
48山下 秀一郎咬合高径の変更に伴う歯牙接触の継時的変化に関する研究.口病誌1988
47幸阪 保雄歯の動態に関する研究―下顎歯の水平的変位口病誌1987
46川口 武美咬合平面に関する形態学的解析ならびに機能的な関連性についての検討.口病誌1987
45岡部 良博下顎誘導部位の相違が咀嚼筋活動に及ぼす影響について.口病誌1986
44小笠原 浩一支持点の違いが下顎の変位,咀嚼筋活動に及ぼす影響に関する研究.口病誌1986
43篠ケ谷 龍哉犬歯の舌面傾斜が咀嚼系に及ぼす影響について.口病誌1985
42佐々木 三男金属床義歯に関する力学的研究―finishing line およびレジン維持部の形態が金属構造物に及ぼす影響について.口病誌1984
41中村 和夫下顎欠損顎堤の構造に関する組織学的研究.口病誌1983
40斉藤 良一荷重時における歯の動態に関する研究.口病誌1983
39河村 哲夫下顎運動時における頸部の筋の活動性に関する筋電図学的検討口病誌1983
38腰原 偉旦遊離端義歯における咬合接触状態の継時的変化.補綴誌1982
37山本 章歯牙咬耗面の形態学的機能的検討補綴誌1982
36磯 和博支持点の位置が咬合力,咀嚼筋活動に及ぼす影響に関する研究.口病誌1982
35細見 洋泰下顎両側性遊離端義歯の人工歯形態が咀嚼時の義歯動揺におよぼす影響.補綴誌1980
34茂木 知治メタクリルレジンと応用Co-Cr合金の接着に関する基礎的研究補綴誌1979
33松浦 基一口蓋部軟組織の加圧時の変化ならびにその組織学的研究.口病誌1979
32宮田 孝義遊離端義歯における義歯床の適合性に関する研究補綴誌1976
31細井 紀雄義歯床の適合試験法に関する研究鶴見歯学1976
30大山 喬史新しく考案したOring attachmentの臨床研究鶴見歯学1976
29健石 照雄顎堤形態と部分床義歯の設計に関する研究補綴誌1976
28萩野 章歯根膜によるコントロール機序に関する臨床的研究補綴誌1976
27大草 洋志下顎両側遊離端義歯の咀嚼時の移動量について補綴誌1976
26石幡 伸雄臼歯欠損後の歯槽部の形態変化に関する実験的研究補綴誌1976
25真鍋 顕アタッチメント義歯の予後に関する臨床的研究補綴誌1976
24五十嵐 順正Selection of retainers in lower overlay denture.Bulletin1975
23渋谷 隆司An analysis stress distribution in the free end saddles on the mandibular modelBulletin1975
22地挽 英彦人工歯ならびに歯冠修復材料の衝撃滑走摩耗に関する基礎的研究口病誌1973
21水谷 紘歯牙欠損後の顎堤の形態変化ならびに残存歯の位置変化補綴誌1973
20石渡 禧弘上顎前歯抜去後の顎堤の形態変化および隣在歯,対合歯の位置的変化に関する実験的研究補綴誌1973
19早川 淑子臼歯咬合小面に関する研究補綴誌1971
18岡 宏上顎臼歯の欠損による頭蓋骨の形態変化に関する実験的研究口病誌1970
17後藤 忠正Changes in abutment tooth-mobility by wearing partial dentureBulletin1969
16川崎 隆二部分床義歯装着前後の比較研究口病誌1969
15奥野 正孝上顎歯抜去後の顎堤の形態変化および下顎歯の位置的変化に関する実験的研究補綴誌1968
14嘉村 高上顎歯抜去後におこる顎堤の形態変化補綴誌1968
13梶井 徹新しい装置による歯の生理的動揺の大きさとその性質について補綴誌1967
12河上 正人クラスプの維持について口病誌1966
11河原 俊鎁義歯床下粘膜毛細血管の形態的変化口病誌1966
10小林 俊三ボタン義歯について補綴誌1965
9堀田 宏子歯牙硬組織と接着する充填材料に関する研究理工誌1965
8原田 義雄義歯床用常温重合樹脂に関する研究口病誌1965
7佐藤 俊之上顎義歯床適合性の経時的変化口病誌1965
6雨森 洋歯の欠損による頭蓋骨の形態変化に関する実験的研究口病誌1964
5佐藤 裕改良を施した顎粘膜被圧縮度測地装置補綴誌1961
4松元 誠下顎大臼歯および小臼歯欠損後の下顎骨の形態変化口病誌1961
3大島 徹永久歯歯冠および歯列弓状態の家族的傾向に関する研究補綴誌1959
2水野 克弥歯列弓曲線, 歯槽弓曲線, 無歯顎堤弓曲線の解析結果に関する比較研究補綴誌1959
1平田 幹夫無歯顎粘膜の被圧縮度に関する臨床的研究補綴誌1959