Master of Public Health in Global Health (MPH) Course

“Think globally, act globally.”

Yasuyuki Yoshizawa
President, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Welcome to the Master of Public Health in Global Health (MPH) course at Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU).

TMDU is an prestigious medical school in Japan dedicated to expanding its knowledge and expertise in the medical field in order to tackle urgent global health issues. In our current world, everything is interconnected, interactive, and mutually dependent. Which is why medical professionals who are passionate and dedicated to public health are now, more than ever, needed on a global scale. Aiming to develop such global leaders who can “think globally and act globally” and thereby find concrete solutions to pressing public health issues around the world, we at TMDU launched the Master of Public Health in Global Health (MPH) course.

As TMDU president I have resolved to make TMDU a globally distinguished place where the most innovative research in public health is carried out in collaboration with top research universities to achieve critical goals that make a difference in public health around the globe.

TMDU faculty and staff can be counted on to devote their utmost time and energy to achieving these aims as embodied in TMDU’s central mission: “cultivating professionals with knowledge and humanity.”

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