1st Meeting of International Oral Engineering Consortium

1st Meeting of International Oral Engineering Consortium

第1回 国際口腔保健工学コンソーシアム
第1回 国際口腔保健工学教育・研究コンソーシアムが成功裏に開催されました。



会期:  2018年(平成30年) 9月24日(月)

会場  東京医科歯科大学 歯科棟4階 歯学部特別講堂
         〒113-8549 東京都文京区湯島1-5-45
      TEL:03-5803-5382 FAX:03-5803-0237

10:00 Opening remark Prof. Junji TAGAMI (Executive Director of Tokyo Med & Dent Univ.)
 (1) パネルディスカッション
  10:10-  Focus and prospects of undergraduate study
Chair: Prof. Hidekazu TAKAHASHI (Tokyo Med & Dent Univ.)
Hiroki NIKAWA (Hiroshima University)
Yung-Kang SHEN (Taipei Medical University)
Kazutoshi KAKIMOTO (Osaka Dental University)
Hsueh-Chuan HSU (Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Tetsuya SUZUKI (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Woong-Chul KIM (Korea University)

(2) 研究発表
  14:00-  Oral Presentation Competition

Chair: Prof. Hiroki NIKAWA (Hiroshima Univ.)
OP1: Color change of color modified CAD/CAM composite resin blocks after toothbrush wear
Yusuke YAMAMOTO et al. (Tokyo Medical and Dental University),
OP2: Emerging application of characteristics and mechanism of stimuli-responsive shape memory composite on 4D printing
Jing-Shiuan LAI et al. (Taipei Medical University)
OP3: Fatigue resistance of yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal clasps for removable partial dentures
Tzu-Yu, PENG (Hiroshima University)

15:00- Oral Presentation Competition 2
Chair: Prof.Yung-Kang SHEN (Taipei Medical Univ.)
OP4: Injectable and partially biodegradable polymethylmetacrylate-based bone filler for craniomaxillofacial bone defect
Ling YEH et al (Taipei Medical University)
OP5: Investigation of scaffold materials suitable for new bone anabolic agents
Ayaka URAKAWA et al. (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
OP6: In vitro effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate with mesoporous bioactive glasses in the treatment of periodontal pocket
Yi-Ting WANG et al. (Taipei Medical University)

16:00- Oral Presentation Competition 3
Chair: Prof. Kazuhiro AOKI (Tokyo Med. & Dent. Univ.)
OP7: Learning at ODU so far and in future
Anna SHIMA (Osaka Dental Univerity)
OP8: Application of dispatching rules for dental technical work and its evaluation by discrete-event simulation
Hiroki Yanase et al. (Hiroshima Univ.)
OP9: Analysis of three-dimensional shape of mandibular complete dentures
Van Anh NGUYEN VU et al. (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

 (3) 優秀発表賞選考委員会
  17:00-  Award committee meeting
 (4) 懇親会
  18:00-  Banquet

 学部学生・大学院生 2,000円, 教員・その他 10,000円


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