TMDU Research Activities 2020

TMDU Research Activities 2020

History and Location of TMDU
Standing at the sacred birthplace of scholarship in Japan

TMDU Research NEWS
TMDU establishes Medical Innovation Consortium

Research at TMDU-Prominent Researcher
Dr.Yoshinori Fujiyoshi:Structural physiology of membrane proteins by cryo-electron microscopy

Features of TMDU Research
・Genome‐wide association studies of atrial fibrillation
・microRNAs as biomarkers for atrial fibrillation
・High‐throughput mouse gene cassette knock-in
・Novel drug for gene therapy targeting neurological disease
・Treating pancreatic cancer with microRNA
・Circulating tumor DNA and patient prognosis in cancer
・Molecular mechanisms of bacterial infection
・Making multifunctional molecules

Budding Researchers
・Understanding cell-to-cell communication
・Basophil functions in allergic inflammation
・Clinical research in geriatric dentistry
・Age‐related changes in skeletal muscle

Highlights of Recent Notable Publications

TMDU's International Collaboration & Education

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