TMDU's International Collaboration and Education

TMDU's International Collaboration and Education

Sharing expertise and groundbreaking research around the world
Our international exchange activities in research and education are based in three centers, in Ghana, Thailand and Chile. We further promote educational collaboration with Harvard Medical School, Imperial College London and Australian National University. We also affiliate with 85 other schools in 27 countries.

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Researchers study infectious diseases at Ghana-TMDU Research Collaboration Center.

Dental researchers train at Chulalongkorn University (CU) in Thailand, where the CU-TMDU Research/
Education Collaboration Center is located.

In Chile, where TMDU's Latin American Collaborative Research Center is located, doctors of TMDU and Clinica Las Condes work on a project to prevent neoplasia of the colon and rectum.

Please see more details of TMDU's International Collaboration Centers.

Our international education partners

Students participate in an exchange program at Imperial College London, UK.

International students participate in exchange program with Australian National University.

TMDU’s medical students experience clinical training at Harvard Medical School’s affiliated hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.


International researchers celebrate the new year with “Mochi-Tsuki” (rice pounding), a Japanese custom.

Students celebrate Children’s Day holiday in the Japanese way.

Students visit a shrine in Tokyo for Tanabata, the star festival in July.

International students take Japanese calligraphy lesson.

Participants in the International Summer Program learn about medical and dental sciences.

Please see more details of TMDU's International Exchange Center.