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TMDU Research Activities 2017


Message from the President
Research at TMDU

 TMDU’s research vision
 :To benefit humanity by bringing together
   the wisdom of diverse disciplines for pioneering research
History and Location of TMDU
 Standing at the sacred birthplace of scholarship in Japan
Cutting-Edge Research
 Mohawk transcription factor:
 A potential target for tissue engineering
Features of TMDU Research
 ・Allergic inflammation
 ・Accurate detection of cavities
 ・Meniscus regeneration
 ・Globe shape evaluation
 ・Ultra-early Alzheimer’s disease
 ・Body cavity sensors
 ・Alternative autophagy
 ・Tissue decellularization
Budding Researchers
 ・Transistor-based sensing
 ・Reducing osteoarthritis
 ・Neurodegenerative disease signals
 ・As a pathologist and a mother
Highlights of Recent Notable Publications
TMDU's International Collaboration & Education

Since the Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) was established in 1928 as the first national dental school in Japan. TMDU has grown into a comprehensive medical university by expanding into medicine and nursing, and has become one of the most influential medical research institutions in the world.

Our research is goal oriented, based on both medical and dental science. Of course, considering a thesis is important; however, we are focused more on “the benefit” for patients, which can come from new medical methods, medicine, and devices.