Report on Mar. 7, 2017

Report on Mar. 7, 2017

Essential Expertise for Clinical Dentistry 2 (EECD2) Report

Our course successfully finished all sessions on March 7th.
The last session of this season (EECD2) was titled “Direct resin core build-up method using custom core form” held by Junior Associate Professor Wataru KOMADA (Department of Fixed Prosthodontics), with sub-instructors; Dr. Mariko KUBO and Dr. Yoko ISHIKAWA (PhD students, Department of Fixed Prosthodontics). This session was to learn how to fabricate a glass-fiber reinforced composite resin post and core directly using a custom core form.
We hope this course has provided informative and practical clinical knowledge and techniques for all the participants throughout the sessions! Stay tuned as we are planning to hold EECD3…maybe this summer, 2017!

Dr. Komada showing the method

Participants watching Dr. Komada’s demonstration

Participants trying the method

Dr. Komada helping a participant 1

Dr. Komada helping a participant 2