Report for EECD7

Report for EECD7

Essential Expertise for Clinical Dentistry 7 (EECD7)

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we couldn’t have our regular hands-on sessions in AY2020/EECD6, but this year we were able to hold the hands-on sessions as long as we followed certain infection prevention measures.
This course, offering participants up-to-date dental clinical knowledge and skills, was held from August 17th to 27th.

During these 2 weeks, the participants had the chance to actually engage in skill acquisition, via the hands-on sessions.

Removable prosthodontics 
Complete denture prosthodontics using soft relining materials (Supported by Tokuyama)
by Dr. KANAZAWA Manabu and Dr. KOMAGAMINE Yuriko

A treatment for Class I crowding case using sliding mechanics


Basics of periodontal plastic surgery: clinical tips on partial-thickness flap and gingival graft
by Dr. MIZUTANI Koji with Dr. YANO Kousei

Fixed prosthodontics
Direct resin core build-up method using custom core form
by Dr. KOMADA Wataru

MI esthetic restorations
Perfect Matrix Works - for Class 2 cavity-
by Dr. HATAYAMA Takashi with Dr. HOSAKA Keiichi

The assessment of oral functions
Dr. KOMAGAMINE Yuriko and Dr. KANAZAWA Manabu

In Dr. Hatayama’s session, we connected our training room to the participants from Tokushima University and provided the very first satellite session.
We are always looking for innovative methods to provide this course to more participants. We still have the EECD7 treatment planning session to look forward to in December.

And our good news continues...from next academic year, EECD will be a credit course of TMDU's graduate school with even more content.