Essential Expertise for Clinical Dentistry 6 (EECD6)

Essential Expertise for Clinical Dentistry 6 (EECD6)

This course offers you up-to-date dental clinical knowledge and techniques that are often publicized
in journals or books. Experts in various fields will provide lectures and discussion sessions.

You will have the chance to actually engage in discussions with your peers and lectures in the discussion sessions.


The programs will be held via the online. Please have the on-demand video lectures first, and then join the zoom discussion session written below. Details will be informed to the participants after registration.


Application Form   From July 27th to August 2nd

Discussion Sessions

1One day direct denture restorations using hard and soft relining materials
Dr. Manabu KanazawaAug. 24, 202018:00-18:30Online discussion
2Direct resin core build-up method using custom core form
Dr. Wataru KomadaAug. 26, 202018:00-18:30Online discussion
3Evaluation for oral function
Dr. Yuriko KomagamineAug. 27, 202018:00-18:30Online discussion
4Crown lengthening and periodontal surgery
Dr. YANO Kousei
Aug. 28, 202018:00-18:30Online discussion
5Improved composite injection technique
Dr. HOSAKA Keiichi
Dr. HATAYAMA Takashi
Sep. 1, 202018:00-18:30Online discussion
6Treatment strategy in Class III malocclusion
Dr. Ikuo YonemitsuSep. 2, 202018:00-18:30Online discussion

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