Travel Guidelines for Students

Travel Guidelines for Students

For international students who travel overseas in relation to your study from TMDU, Please read carefully this page.

Contact:Overseas Studies Support Unit(OSSU)
      4F, Building 1 West(same room as FSSU)


The Overseas Travel Safety Guidelines shall be implemented on behalf of students (undergraduate or graduate student, including international students) who travel overseas in relation to your study from TMDU. The guidelines are based on the Overseas Travel Safety Information issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA).
These Guidelines have been in force since September 28, 2017.
All outbound students in relation to your study from TMDU must follow the TMDU’s guidelines and contact “Overseas Studies Support Unit (OSSU)” (4th floor Building 1 West / ).
As a guideline of TMDU, enrolling OSSMA (Overseas Students Safety Management Assistance) and taking out travel insurance are required.
Students who travel overseas privately must also take out overseas travel insurance. The specific procedures in the guidelines, however, are optional.

TMDU Overseas Travel Safety Guidelines

  • Overseas Travel Safety Guidelines for Students
  • Document request for students going overseas for study_OSSU
  • Overseas Students Safety Management Assistance (OSSMA)

    OSSMA(Overseas Students Safety Management Assistance)provides an around-the-clock appropriate support in English for your safe stay abroad when problems occur.
    TMDU has organized the risk-management system in case of emergency, and has become a member of OSSMA of Emergency Assistance Japan Co. Ltd., which 1)offers pre-departure risk-management guidance by experts and 2)strengthens the pre-instruction not to be involved in troubles.
    All students (regardless of undergraduate or graduate) who travel overseas for the purpose of study, research, participation in academic conferences etc., are required to enroll in OSSMA at your own expense.
    ※This is not travel insurance. You are also required to take it out.
    See here for more information (OSSMA’s website).

    Travel Insurance when studying abroad

    All students (regardless of undergraduate or graduate) who travel overseas for the purpose of study, research, participation in academic conferences etc., are required to take out travel insurance and liability insurance at your own expense in addition to enrolling in OSSMA.
    You may take out travel insurance personally, but please be sure to check by yourself that the coverage is more than JPY 50 million for “Medical and Rescuer expenses” and “Liability insurance” respectively, and also other coverage details.
    Travel insurance with a credit card as collateral, and life fraternal insurance of TMDU’s cooperative society also apply overseas, but we recommend to take out travel insurance separately since there are cases where the coverage of those are not enough.
    You may also take out travel insurance at reduced price as a set with OSSMA.
    Regarding application period, please be sure to set from the date you leave your house to the date you arrive at your house.
    Ex) Your flight is in the morning on May 1st and you leave your house at night on April 30th.
    -> Apply for travel insurance from April 30th.
  • About travel insurance
  • Description of OSSMA & Travel Insurance

  • ★All students must apply! OSSMA&Travel Insurance
  • OSSMA Outline
  • OSSMA Plus Outline
  • Application for OSSMA & Travel Insurance

    Please download an Application and submit it to .

    Please beware of insurance benefits. OSSMA Plus is offered at a reasonable price but it covers only medical insurance, not liabilities. If you have any inquiry, please feel free to ask “Overseas Studies Support Unit (OSSU)” in person or by email.

    Required Documents for Going Abroad

    Please check “The List of Required Documents for Going Abroad” below and submit the necessary documents to .
  • The List of Required Documents for Going Abroad
  • Emergency Information Form
  • Pledge for undergraduate
  • Pledge for graduate school
  • Are you traveling abroad?
  • “TABI-REGI”; Registration of overseas travel on Ministry of Foreign Affair’s site

    Ministry of Foreign Affair (MOFA) started “TABI-REGI” from July 1st. 2015, for overseas travelers based on the recent overseas security situation. By registering the necessary information (travel itinerary, place of your stay, contact information etc.) on the MOFA’s website, you will receive the latest travel information of your destination, emails and contact when emergency occurs etc.
    *For a short term traveler (incl. overseas travelers and business travelers) less than 3 months
    All students who travel overseas for the purpose of study, research, participation in academic conferences etc., are required to contact the “Overseas Studies Support Unit (OSSU)” on the 4th floor at Building 1 West / after registering “TABI-REGI”.

    TABI-REGI Website:
    ※TABI-REGI website is only in Japanese.
     If you are not sure how to register,
     Please contact
    For international student
    Please check your home countries’ governmental websites for your safe travel. Some countries offer the same service as TABI-REGI. Following websites also provide useful information regarding safety and security for traveling abroad. Please click and check here.


    Please be sure to confirm if you need a VISA with the person in charge at your host organization. If a VISA is required, you must acquire it at your own responsibility/and expense.
    Generally, please apply for VISA by visiting Consular section at the embassy of the country of your destination in Japan.
    To acquire a VISA, please be sure to confirm the latest information of the requirements for a VISA by yourself. Usually it takes time to complete a VISA application procedure. Therefore, please make sure to finish off all the necessary procedures before running out of time. When you visit the Embassy, please check the opening hours beforehand.
    In addition, please also confirm about the residual validity on your passport. You might need some specific residual period for obtaining the VISA for your travel and for entering the country of your destination.
    Even after the entry to your destination country, please be very careful with your residential status based on your VISA and the permitted period of your stay there.
    If any of the following conditions below apply, please contact “Overseas Studies Support Unit (OSSU)”.
    -You need a recommendation letter etc. from TMDU for your VISA
    *It takes about 1 week for issuing.
    -You don’t need a VISA.
    -You study abroad with TMDU’s program.


    There is a case that you need vaccination more than 2-3 times. Please arrange the vaccination schedule at a medical institution or a quarantine station at your earliest convenient after a discussion with your supervisors (at your own expense).


    [Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare a quarantine station FORTH (For Traveler’s Health)]
    (Top page, English translation available if you choose the language setting in the site)

    [Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare]
    (List of Quarantine stations, English translation available when you choose the language setting in the site)

    [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)] (Top page)

    [World Health Organization (WHO)] (Top page)

    Other Useful Links