Study-in-Japan Fair in Ghana (Organized by Hokkaido University)

Study-in-Japan Fair in Ghana (Organized by Hokkaido University)

TMDU at the Study-in-Japan Fair in Ghana

In 2018 TMDU accepted five international students from Ghana under its Inter-University Agreement with University of Ghana, which has been in place since 2008. Over the years the two universities have actively sought opportunities to collaborate, including sending TMDU medical students to University of Ghana to engage in clinical research.

On November 9, 2019, the Study-in-Japan Fair, promoted by Hokkaido University, was held in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The purpose of the fair was to provide information to interested Ghana students about opportunities to study in Japan. Over 200 local students joined the fair.

Attending the fair from TMDU were Hayashi Takaya (Department of Molecular Virology), a TMDU researcher in residence at Ghana-TMDU Research Collaboration Center; Okada Takuya, a faculty member in the Institute of Global Affairs; and Ms. Umezawa Yuki, a staff member in the Institute of Global Affairs. Students and other fair participants were introduced to attractive features of research and education of TMDU, as well as curriculum/support system for foreign students, all with the aim of increasing interest in studying abroad at TMDU.

Following Dr. Okada’s introduction of TMDU, local students were warmly welcomed at the TMDU exhibition booth. More than sixty students visited the booth and made inquiries about scholarships and departments in the graduate school, which showed a high level of interest in studying aboard at TMDU.

In addition to activities at the fair, Dr. Okada and Ms. Umezawa also had a chance to visit student dormitories at the University of Ghana and Ghana-TMDU Research Collaboration Center located in Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), as well as the JICA GHANA office, where they were able to exchange views about sending TMDU students overseas to Ghana and about the prospects of future collaboration in medicine between TMDU and Ghana.

Going forward, TMDU is committed to active, ongoing research collaboration and student exchange with universities in Ghana.

Dr. Okada introducing TMDU at the Study-in-Japan Fair

Individual consulting by Dr. Okada at the Study-in-Japan Fair

Individual consulting by Dr. Hayashi at the Study-in-Japan Fair