Report on Feb. 9, 2017

Report on Feb. 9, 2017

Essential Expertise for Clinical Dentistry 2 (EECD2) Report

Our FIRST LIVE session finished successfully on February 9th.
The session, “Border molding and impression for mandibular complete denture,” by Assistant Professor Manabu KANAZAWA (Gerodontology and Oral Rehabilitation) with sub-instructors; Assistant Professor Yuriko KOMAGAMINE (Gerodontology and Oral Rehabilitation) provided a learning opportunity for participants to observe how to attain border molding by either compound or silicone material on a patient.

Next session is our last hands-on seminar in this season. Stay tuned for more learning opportunities, as we are planning to hold EECD3!

Dr. Kanazawa gave brief explanation on the procedure

Dr. Kanazawa showed the technique to shave the compound

Participants watched Dr. Kanazawa’s border molding technique

Dr. Kanazawa perform the border molding with silicone material to the model patient

Dr. Kanazawa showed how to melt the compound over the torch