EECD5 hands-on week (Aug.26 - 29, 2019)

EECD5 hands-on week (Aug.26 - 29, 2019)

After the week of lecture sessions, EECD hands-on week started.
To enable the best possible feedback the participant number needed to be limited to only around 30. Therefore, there were also observers for the course. As always, this hands-on course was very popular, and participants were able to update their practical skills and knowledge. Skills topics were:

1. MI esthetic restorations 2
The esthetic composite restorations -secrets of shaping and polishing (Dr. Keiichi HOSAKA)
2. Periodontology 2
Basics of periodontal plastic surgery: clinical tips on partial-thickness flap and gingival graft (Dr. Koji MIZUTANI)
3. Fixed prosthodontics 2
Direct resin core build-up method using custom core form (Dr. Wataru KOMADA)
4. Removable prosthodontics 2
Use of modeling compound in border molding for complete mandibular denture (Dr. Manabu KANAZAWA and Yuriko KOMAGAMINE)

Dr. Hosaka

Dr. Mizutani

Dr. Komada

Dr. Kanazawa