EECD5 lecture week (Aug.19 - 23, 2019)

EECD5 lecture week (Aug.19 - 23, 2019)

EECD returned this summer for TMDU graduate students!
Even though graduate students’ main focus is research, updating their clinical expertise is also very important. This year, EECD5 was designed as a sequential course for participants. We all know that comprehensive study is necessary, but after becoming specialists, the opportunities become scarce. So, EECD is provided to give the participants the chance to update their knowledge across several fields.

Lecture topics were as follows:
1. Restorative dentistry, MI esthetic restorations 1
The power of direct composite restoration (Dr. Keiichi HOSAKA)
2. Periodontology 1
Periodontal health and aesthetic in restorative treatments (Dr. Koji MIZUTANI)
3. Fixed prosthodontics 1
Metal-free fixed prosthodontic restorations (Dr. Wataru KOMADA)
4. Removable prosthodontics 1
Digital dentistry in fixed and removable prosthodontics (Dr. Manabu KANAZAWA)

Dr. Hosaka

Dr. Mizutani

Dr. Komada

Dr. Kanazawa