Report for TMDU and UoM online CPD course 2023

Report for TMDU and UoM online CPD course 2023

Tokyo Medical and Dental University successfully collaborated with the University of Melbourne to offer the International Faculty Development Course (IFDC) in 2023.
A course on Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics took place over two days.
29 participants were exposed to key concepts and could explore the latest developments in prosthodontics.

Date: DAY1 October 30th (Mon), 2023 18:30-21:30(JST)
      DAY2 November 6th(Mon) , 2023 18:30-21:30(JST)
            Webinar (Zoom)
            Participants: 29

DAY 1: “Removable Prosthodontics: Innovation and Patient-Centered Care” (3 hours)
Lecturers: Dr. Abduo, Dr. Kanazawa, Dr. Elhaddad, and Dr. Komagamine

Lecture 1: Complete dentures: Keys to success in 21st century. Lecturer: Dr. Abduo
Lecture 2: The implant overdentures for edentulous patients. Lecturer: Dr. Kanazawa
Lecture 3: The edentulous maxilla: fixed versus removable implant prostheses. Lecturer: Dr. Elhaddad
Lecture 4: Evaluation of oral function. Lecturer: Dr. Komagamine
Each Lecture was 35 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A.

DAY 2: “Fixed Prosthodontics Unveiled” (3 hours)
Lecturers: Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Komada, Dr. Hatayama

Lecture 1: Metal-free Foundation Restoration. Lecturer: Dr. Komada
Lecture 2: Partial Indirect restorations - which, when, how? Lecturer: Dr. Rodriguez
Lecture 3: Mono-block Direct Composite Crown Restoration. Lecturer: Dr. Hatayama
Each Lecture was 50 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A.