Annual Report 2009

Annual Report 2009

Oral Health Sciences

Oral Restitution

Orofacial Development and Function

Restorative Sciences

Masticatory Function Rehabilitation

Maxillofacial/Neck Reconstruction

Maxillofacial Biology

Maxillofacial Reconstruction and Function

Head and Neck Reconstruction


Hard Tissue Engineering

Molecular Regulation of Supportive Tissue

Public Health

International Health Development

Health Science Policies

Gerontology and Gerodontology


Aging Control Medicine

Comprehensive Patient Care

Comprehensive Oral Health Care

Comprehensive Diagnosis and Therapeutics

Cognitive and Behavioral Medicine

Systems Neuroscience

Brain Medical Science

Bio-Environmental Response

Infection and Bioresponse


Systemic Organ Regulation

Digestive and Metabolic Diseases

Cardio-Pulomonary Diseases

Regulation of Internal Environment and Reproduction

Advanced Therapeutical Sciences

Gene and Molecular Medicine

Advanced Surgical Therapeutics

Department of Pharmacovigilance