Research Subjects

Research Subjects

updated in 2019.7.12

Nursing Innovation Science Track

DepartmentCodeSupervisorResearch Subject
Innovation in Fundamental and Scientific Nursing Care6130KASHIWAGI
1. Scientific evidence of the nursing care arts
2. Evaluation of nursing clinical judgment and intervention
3. Nurses’ occupational development and excellence
4. Development of new nursing arts
5. Recognition process of the nursing phenomenon
Community Health Nursing6140SASAKI
1. Theory and Practice of Community Health Nursing for Individual, Family, Group and Community
2. Development of Method of Community Diagnosis, Health Education, Preventive Activities for the Healthy Aging, and Home Visiting
3. Construction of Community Health Nursing System for the Elderly People
4. International Comparison of Community Health Nursing
5. Evaluation of Community Health Nursing
Community Health
Promotion Nursing
1. Intergenerational exchange of elders and children
2. Preventive health care on the elderly
3. Oral and a feeding/deglutition care on the elderly using day services
4. Mental health in a place of work
5. Method of health education
Critical and Invasive-
Palliative Care Nursing
1. Support for self-management of patients with chronic health conditions
2. Support for family of critically ill patients
3. Nursing interventions for critical-condition patients
4. Development and evaluation of nursing intervention programs for adult patients
Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing6170KASHIWAGI
1. Care and support for patients and their families with psychiatric mental disorders
2. Care and support for adolescence patients and their families with mental health problems
3. Promoting discharges and community living for patients with severe mental illness
4. Improving the quality of nursing care in areas of psychiatric and mental health
5. Forensic psychiatry and it's nursing
Child and Family Nursing6180OKAMITSU
1. Mother-infant interaaction and child development
2. Infant mental health and nursing
3. Parenting support and early intervention
4. Nursing for chiildren with congenital anomalies
5. Nursing for children with chronic diseases
Reproductive Health
1. Inquiries about birth experience
2. Inquiries of the gap between humanity and medical interventions
3. Narrative methods for midwifery
4. Research on childbearing families or couples
5. Multidisciplinary collaboration for childbirth and child rearing
Home Care Nursing6200YAMAZAKI
End-of-Life Care and Oncology Nursing6210YAMAZAKI
1. Development of the support to a patient and families from the treatment
period of cancer to the progress period
2. Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care for cancer patients
3. Bereavement care for the person who lost family member
International Nursing Development6220KONDO
1. The relationship between perceived control and outcome in patients with
acute coronary syndrome: comparison between Japan and United States
2. Problems when foreign patients visit hospitals in Japan
3. Comparative study in resilience of critical care nurses in End of Life Care
between Japan and the US
4. Research related to internationalization in Japan
Nursing System Management6230SATO
1. Research on work environments
2. Research on safety management
3. Research on quality assurance
4. Research on leadership
Geriatric Nursing and Administration6240OGATA 
1. Research on Nursing Administration and Management
2. Research on Care Systems in Aging Societies
3. Research on Nursing Care Quality
4. International comparative study

Cooperative Doctoral Course in Disaster Nursing

NumberDepartmentDepartment CodeSupervisorResearch Subject
1Cooperative Doctoral Course in Disaster Nursing8000SASAKI
1. Research on improvement of community health delivery system during an acute phase of an extensive urban disaster, and establishment of the roles to be done by global leaders in charge of disaster nursing
2. Establishment of a simulation learning system for medical stuffs in charge of disaster relief and support activities
3. Development of practical drills for disaster nursing during an acute phase, and medium- or long-term of a nuclear, biological and chemical disaster