Human Resource Development Goals

 This course is devoted to the cultivation of professionals who are well-versed in the life sciences and technology fields; who possess wide-ranging knowledge and an international perspective with regard to life sciences and technology, disease research disciplines, and integrated interdisciplinary fields; and who have high levels of expertise and practical problem-solving capabilities. These professionals include researchers with the ability to carry out advanced research, educators with notable scholastic achievements and superior personalities, and professionals who possess the management skills needed to achieve cutting-edge technological innovations in bio-industries and medical device development and can play leading roles in industry.

Admissions Policy

《What We Expect of Our Students》
 Those who choose to pursue this program must meet all the following conditions:
• Possess the English capabilities related to the scholarship required for studies after admission and the ability to communicate in English regarding life sciences and technology.
• Have the desire to systematically, intensively acquire wide ranging life sciences and technology expertise.
• Be eager to make future contributions to society as teachers or researchers with a high level of specialization in life sciences and technology disciplines.
• Possess profound learning and superior abilities to perform research in life sciences and technology disciplines.
• Have a deep interest in life sciences and bio-engineering, as well as the wide-ranging perspectives to lead the way in integrated disciplines, and possess creativity and independence.
• Work very well with colleagues and possess the ability to logically, precisely express their ideas.

《Basic Entrance Examination Policies》
 Applicants are evaluated in a comprehensive manner through a written examination to appraise English proficiency and an oral examination to assess specialized knowledge carrying out academics and research in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Track, ability, motivation, ethics and communication skills

Curriculum Policy

 The education provided in this course emphasizes international perspectives and the potential of the fields of disease research and bio-industry, as well as the pursuit of a high level of expertise in life sciences and technology disciplines. Furthermore, it will also take into consideration the ethical and social characteristics required in the fields of medicine and dentistry.