Master's Program (syllabus)

Master's Program (syllabus)

Master's Program: Health Sciences and Biomedical Engineering (from FY2018)

The details of the courses of Master's Program are available from the following syllabus.

From FY2018, the syllabus for Disease Prevention Global Leader Program is combined to the above syllabus. For those who enter TMDU with Disease Prevention Global Leader Program, please take the courses for the "students enrolled in October."

FY2023 Syllabus (PDF:6.47MB)

FY2022 Syllabus (PDF:5.71MB)

FY2021 Syllabus (PDF:5.52MB)

FY2020 Syllabus (PDF:3.6KB)
The List of Courses and Units is on Page 19 of the above syllabus.

FY2019 Syllabus (updated on February 14, 2020) (PDF:4.5MB)
The List of Courses and Units is on Page 17 of the above syllabus.

FY2018 Syllabus (PDF: 4.6MB)
Please also check the FY2018 List of Courses and Units (Page 15) for the required courses of the degree you try to obtain.


Master's Programs: Medical and Dental Science and Technology (till FY2017)

Master's Program: Master of Public Health in Global Health Course (MPH)