Human Resource Development Goals

 This course is meant to develop individuals who are thoroughly versed in specialized expertise in the dual fields of medicine and dentistry and whose close ties with other fields make them leading researchers in a global arena, compassionate educators who can formulate and implement educational strategies, sophisticated medical care personnel with eagerly inquiring minds who possess a robust sense of ethics, and, finally, opinion leaders who will lead the way into the future.

Admissions Policy

《What We Expect of Our Students》 
 Applicants are required to have broad perspectives, creativity, autonomy, and a sense of ethics, to be able to logically and precisely express their ideas, and to possess the English language ability to carry out their research. They should also have a high degree of scholastic or practical capabilities in a field such as medicine, dentistry, life sciences and technology, or bioengineering, and should possess additional interest and strong enthusiasm for research in these majors. 

《Basic Entrance Examination Policies》 
 Applicants are evaluated in a comprehensive manner through a written examination to appraise English proficiency and basic knowledge and essay ability required for research in specialized fields and an oral examination and application documents to assess aptitude, motivation and communication skills.

Curriculum Policy

 This course involves coordination among disciplines and with other sectors in pursuit of a high degree of research, educational, and medical care expertise in the fields of medicine and dentistry, ensures an ability to sufficiently cope with the ethical and social aspects required in life sciences, and provides education that emphasizes balance and organic links between course work and research training.

Diploma Policy

 Degrees are conferred on students who complete the courses and acquire the credits required for course completion within the prescribed enrollment period, pass their thesis review and the final examination, and fulfill the following conditions:
Have produced excellent research results and possess the research abilities to contribute to human health and well being.
Have strong expertise and moral values and possess the capabilities to direct trail-blazing, original research.
Possess a combination of multifaceted, specialized expertise related to medical and dental education and the ability to take leadership roles in the worlds of medicine and dentistry.
Possess the ability to contribute to advances in pioneering medical care through clinical research as medical care professionals with high levels of expertise.