First Steps

First Steps

To start your student activities at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, the steps and procedures are largely divided into those handled at the municipal (or ward) office and those handled at the university. Please take all the necessary steps and procedures, using the checklist.

Procedures at the Municipal (or Ward) Office

Notification of a Domicile

At ports of entry / departure, besides having a seal of landing verification stamped in their passports, mid- to long-term residents will be issued a Residence Card.
After being issued a Residence Card, you must take it to the municipal office where you plan to live, and then notify the Ministry of Justice of your place of residence within 14 days of moving into your residence.
If there is any change in the information (for example, address), you must report it to the office (in case of a change of address, to the office in your new neighborhood) within 14 days from the time of the change.

National Health Insurance (NHI)

All foreigners who stay in Japan longer than 1 year have to join the NHI plan, by submitting the "Application to join NHI" to the municipal (or ward) office where they live and paying the insurance fee. Please bring your alien registration card as well. NHI-accepting hospitals/clinics charge only 30% of the medical expense to patients, i.e., 70% of the expense is covered by the insurance.
Useful Link: Shibuya ward - National Health Insurance Handbook

Bank Account

To open an account at a bank (or post office) you will need: 1) Passport, 2) Residence Card (or Alien Registration Card) or National Health Insurance Card, 3) Hanko (if you have one)
Please note: You need to wait for 6 months after your arrival to Japan, under the International Exchange and International Trade Law, before you can open a bank account in Japan. However, you can open an account at the Japan Post Bank soon after your arrival. Even so, you cannot transfer any money from your Japan Post Bank account during the first 6 months that you are in Japan. After your initial 6-month period of residence has elapsed, you can to go to any post office and add the “money transfer function” to your Japan Post Bank account by making the request and presenting your Residence Card to prove you have been in the country long enough.
Useful Link:
JAPAN POST To all Japan Post Bank Customers of non-Japanese Citizenship

Procedures at the University

Procedures for admission to Tokyo Medical and Dental University should be completed at the following offices.
1 Undergraduate students: Educational Affairs Office (called Kyomu-ka), College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Konodai Campus)
2 Graduate students: Foreign Student Support Unit and Graduate School Section (Yushima Campus)
3 Graduate research students: Foreign Student Support Unit and General Office of each Faculty
We hold "an Orientation for Newcomers" in April and October. You are highly advised to take part in it.

Please start your student life smoothly, not forgetting to take case of the above procedures.

First Steps and Procedures: Checklist

1. Housing
  Find accommodation
2. Procedures at the Municipal (or Ward) Office
  a. Notification of a domicile
b. National Health Insurance
3. Procedures at the University
  a. Procedures for admission
  ・Undergraduate students: Educational Affairs (Kyoumu-ka) at Konodai Campus
・Graduate Students: International Student Section & Graduate School Office
・Graduate Research Students: International Student Section & General Office of each Faculty
  b. Payment of Tuition and other Fees
  ・Undergraduate Students: Accounting Section (Kaikei-kakari) at Konodai Campus
・Graduate Students / Graduate Research Students: Accounting Section (Suito-kakari), Finance Division
  c. ID Card for Library: Library Office (with Student ID card)
d. Student Insurance: Welfare Section (Kosei-ka)
e. Other documents are required by each Faculty General Office
4. Others
  a. Opening a savings account at a bank or the post office