Procedures for Inviting a Family / 家族の呼び寄せ

Procedures for Inviting a Family / 家族の呼び寄せ

*Please carry out all procedures by yourself at your local Immigration Bureau.*

When international students want to invite their family members (only a spouse and children are eligible) to live in Japan, they have to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility with a Residence Status of “dependent” at the Immigration Bureau. With this Certificate, their family can obtain a visa at the Japanese diplomatic mission in their country.

When you invite your family members to join you, please consider living expenses.

Required Documents for Application:
(1) Application for Certificate of Eligibility
(2) One photo (4 x 3 cm) taken within 6 months, without a hat or background
(3) Return envelope with 392 yen stamp, your name and address
(4) Document certifying the relationship between the applicant and the supporter (you are requested one or two documents listed below, depend on the situation) family register:
a. Copy of Birth Certificate,
b. Copy of the Registration of a Marriage
[In case of China, please submit officially certified document]
(5) Copy of Residence Card (Alien Registration Card) or Passport of supporter
(6) Document certifying the supporter's financial ability
(one or two documents listed below)
a. Certificate of scholarship (with the amount and the period)
*MEXT and HONORS scholarship students can apply for this certificate at FSSU.
b. Other document certifying the ability to financially support the family member
7) A document that proves one’s status (if a legal representative or agent submits the application form on behalf of the applicant)

NOTE: All documents that are in a foreign language should be translated into Japanese.