Scholarship Application Registration/奨学金申請登録

Scholarship Application Registration/奨学金申請登録

If you would like to apply for a University Recommendation type scholarship, you need to pre-register at the Foreign Student Support Unit. You cannot apply for any University Recommendation type scholarships without completing this pre-registration procedure.
* If you registered in the spring semester, the registration period is valid for 1 year; if you registered in the fall semester, it is valid for 6 months. Even you have registered in the spring semester, if there will be any changes to your enrollment status (such as becoming a graduate student), please submit the pre-registration form again in the fall semester.
* Completing the pre-registration procedure does not entitle you to receive any scholarship.

Eligibility/ 登録資格

・You must be enrolled at TMDU as a regular student (graduate/ undergraduate student) or
 a research student at the time of pre-registration.
・You must hold a residence status of “Student.”
・You haven’t repeated an academic year/ extended the regular study period.
・You were never subjected to disciplinary action in the past.

Registration Period/ 登録期間

【Spring Semester/ 春学期】
 April 1 (Thurs) – April 22 (Thurs), 2021 at 5:00 pm
【Fall Semester/ 秋学期】
 September 16 (Thurs) – September 30 (Thurs), 2021 at 5:00 pm

Required Documents/ 必要書類

(1) Scholarship Application Registration Form/ 奨学金申請登録票
(2) 研究計画書/ Research Plan(PowerPoint, 1 slide/ スライド1枚)
 * Describe your research plan/progress in Japanese or English.
  Undergraduate students are not required to submit.
(3) Copy of Residence Card (Both sides) / 在留カードのコピー(両面)
(4) Academic Transcript/ 成績証明書
 * Please submit the latest records. Photocopy is acceptable.
  If you are a first-year student, please submit transcripts from your previous institutions
  (e.g. academic records at the university in your home country which you graduated from).
(5) Pledge/ 誓約書
!Please note that incomplete/ missing documents will affect the selection process.
★Submission/ 提出方法

・Email: Documents (1) – (4) should be submitted via email at
 Do not convert Excel and PowerPoint files into a PDF format.
 *Due to the impact of COVID-19,
  we will also accept the scanned version of (5) Pledge sent by email.

 メールで提出:(1)~(4)はメール添付で へ送付すること。
 * 新型コロナウィルスの影響により、

・In person: Only document (5) should be submitted to the Foreign Student Support Unit
 (Building 1, 4th Floor) by the applicant him/herself.
 We will not accept the document submitted by someone else on your behalf.
※Dear New International Students/ 新入生の方へ
 If your arrival in Japan is delayed due to the coronavirus related reasons,
 you may submit documents (3) and (5) after you arrive in Japan.

Schedule/ スケジュール

1. Pre-registration (April OR September)
2. Open Application: You will be informed of the scholarship information via email, bulletin board, and etc.
3. Sign-up: If you found a scholarship you’re interested in, please fill in the sign-up sheet at
 the Foreign Student Support Unit.
4. Internal Selection: In general, document review will be conducted.
 (If an interview will be conducted, you must be able to attend.)
5.Apply to the foundation: If you are selected as a candidate, you will be asked to fill out
 the relevant scholarship application documents, and submit these to
 the Foreign Student Support Unit.
6.Selection by the foundation: You might be invited to an interview.
7.Notification of Results: If you are selected by the foundation, you will be awarded a scholarship.

NOTE/ 留意事項

- These scholarships are available only to self-supporting international students at TMDU.
 We do not accept overseas applications. You can apply for these scholarships
 ONLY AFTER you are enrolled at TMDU as self-supporting students and start living in Japan.
- Most private foundations require applicants to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in Japanese
 and you need to fill in application documents in Japanese as well.
- Being selected as a candidate for a university recommended scholarship doesn’t
 guarantee you will receive that scholarship.
- If you are selected as a candidate for the university recommendation scholarship,
 you cannot apply for any other scholarships until you receive the results from the foundation.
- If you have been awarded both types of scholarships, you must cancel the direct application scholarship
 and receive the university recommendation scholarship.

List of Scholarships/奨学金一覧

Please visit the link below.