Important Notice regarding Residence Status / 在留資格について重要なお知らせ

Important Notice regarding Residence Status / 在留資格について重要なお知らせ

This announcement is for those who are studying at TMDU with the residence status of "Student". (Please check the status written on your residence card.)

According to the Immigration Bureau's policy, the university is required to ensure all students who have been issued a student visa are still in status and engaging in study and research activities. Supervisors may inform the university offices if a student stop attending classes/ labs or lost contact with them for more than a month.

If the university found out that students are out of status or not engaging in academic activities for more than three months, the university must report them to the Immigration Bureau (This may not apply for those who are allowed to take a Leave of Absence.) Consequently, you might lose your student visa in accordance with the Immigration Control Act.

Please remember that you have been issue the student visa for the sole purposes of pursuing study and research at our university. We wish all of you to remain in Japan during the authorized period of stay and achieve your goals at TMDU.

**Taking a leave of absence**

While taking a leave of absence, you cannot maintain your residence status of "Student" since you will not be conducting study and research activities at the university.

Also, you are not allowed to have a part-time job without a valid visa.

In general, you must promptly return to your home country or change your residence status to an appropriate one if you continue to stay in japan.

You will need to apply for a new Student visa when you return to TMDU.

**When you are graduating/leaving TMDU**

TMDU must report periodically to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) and Immigration Bureau about students graduating/leaving/withdrawing from TMDU and whose whereabouts are unknown.

If you are leaving/withdrawing from TMDU, please leave Japan promptly or you must apply for the new appropriate visa immediately to stay in Japan.

If you have changed or extended your status of residence, please make sure to notify the International Student Support Unit (ISSU).

Also, after graduation, you must leave Japan shortly even you have time left on your "Student" visa.

If you continue to stay in Japan, you must change your current status of residence from "Student" to the appropriate visa status.

Please note staying in Japan under the “Student” visa status is illegal.

Thank you very much for your understanding.