Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

University Libraries

Books, periodicals, and reference materials can be found at your campus library.
Tokyo Medical and Dental University contains over 324,000 volumes in its collection housed in the Central University Library at Yushima Campus.
Website Access
  ・Central Library:
・Konodai Branch Library (Konodai Campus:
For detailed information about who can use the library, opening/closing dates and hours, the Library Card, and so on, visit the library website above, or call 03-5803-5596 (Central Library) or 047-300-7110 (Annex Library). A brochure in Japanese and English is available at the front desk of the library.

Co-op Facilities on Campus

The National Federation of University Co-operative Associations (Seikyo, or Co-op) runs a bookstore, stores, and cafeterias on Yushima and Konodai campuses.
When you join the Co-op you can get a discount on items such as books (10% off), computers, medical goods, development-printing-enlargement services (for film), and so on.
To join the Co-op, go to the Co-op office (located on the first floor of Building 5 on Yushima campus). You can eat at the cafeteria at a 20% discount rate and and buy books at a 10% discount rate. Bring your student ID and ¥20,000 for the membership fee. This membership fee will be refunded when you leave the school.

Yushima Campus Co-op sites

Co-op Store
  B1, Bldg. #5; Tel: ext. 7860
  B1, Bldg. #5; Tel: ext. 7862
  1F, Bldg. #5; Tel: ext. 7861
Direct Dial
  Tel: 03-3818-5231
Fax: 03-3816-4120


ATMs are typically open as follows:
  08:00 - 21:00
Weekends, Holiday
  09:00 - 17:00
    Note: A service fee may be charged after certain hours or if you use an ATM of a bank different from your bank.
ATMs on campus
  ATMs for Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank are located on the first floor of Building A in the University Hospital of the Medical Department (Yushima Campus).
  ATMs for Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank are located across the street from the Institute of Global Affairs .
Bank branches near Yushima Campus are as follows:
  Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (Kanda Station Branch)
Mizuho Bank (Kanda Station Branch)
Risona Bank (Kanda Station Branch)
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (Kanda Station Branch)