Daily Life

Daily Life

Living Guide

Mobile Phone

Please visit a mobile phone shop to get more information if you are interested in buying a mobile phone.
Major Cell Phone Providers:
Electronic appliance stores:
  Yodobashi Camera (Akihabara)
・Yamada (Akihabara)

Free Wi-Fi

It is relatively difficult to find a free wifi in Japan. The following information might be useful.
・Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (application)
 Convenience Store (Family Mart, Seven Eleven), JR & Metro Station


The Metropolitan City of Tokyo has a well-developed network of railways (JR and other private railways), subways and buses running in all directions. They are so convenient that you can reliably arrive at your destination on time any time, any day except for the “rush hour” in the morning and evening.

Suica / Pasmo (IC Card)

A prepaid card (such as JR’s SUICA, and the subway’s PASMO) is a convenient way to get on the train because you do not have to go to the ticket machine to get a ticket for your destination on each ride. In addition to using them on trains and buses, you can also use them to purchase goods and services from stores such as convenience stores that accept electronic money payments.
Suica (JR)
・Pasmo (Tokyo Metro)

Monthly Pass

Students are allowed/granted a student discount when purchasing a monthly commuter pass. If you are purchasing a new student commuter pass, please obtain a “student commuter certificate” at the Educational Planning Section and bring it to a counter at the station.
Educational Planning Section (1F, Bldg. #1 West)
TEL: 03-5803-4676

Student Discount for Shinkansen / Long Distance Tickets

For train trips exceeding 100 km one way by JR lines, the students can get 20% discount (Gakuwari) on regular base fare (No discount on express fare, shinkansen express fare, reserved seat fee). To receive this student discount for a Shinkansen / long distance ticket, you need to have a Student Travel Fare Discount Certificate (Discount Certificate) from the Automatic Certificate Machine (graduate student) or at the Educational Planning Section (research student).
Automatic Certificate Machine (5F, Bldg. #5)
Educational Planning Section (1F, Bldg. #1 West)
TEL: 03-5803-4676


When riding a bicycle at night, you may be stopped by police who will check your residence card or ask to see some other form of identification, and check to see that you have a bicycle anti-theft registration sticker. If the police find that the bicycle is registered in someone else’s name, you may be detained at a police box for a long time, and possibly even charged with theft.
To avoid this unpleasant experience, observe the following precautions.
・When purchasing a bicycle, be sure to obtain anti-theft registration at the store (the fee is ¥500). This registration is MANDATORY.
・If you receive a bicycle from a friend, have him/her provide you with a document certifying the transfer, and then take the document to a bicycle dealer to have the anti-theft registration put in your name.
・Never ride an abandoned bicycle.
Regulations: Shinjuku Ward - Use of Bicycles
Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration: Nakano Ward - Using Bicycles


Daily items, clothes, and food can be purchased at a supermarket or a convenience store. Convenience stores are usually open 24 hours, and have all sorts of daily use items, newspapers, magazines, copier and facsimile machine services, delivery drop-off services and the like. Stationery, school supplies, books, and snacks are available at Seikyo (Co-op) stores on campus.
The following shops are recommended by current students.
  Daiei (Ichikawa)
Livin (Kinshicho)
  Uniqlo (Kinshicho/Ichikawa)
GU (Kinshicho)
¥100 shop
  Daiso (Kinshicho/Ichikawa)