Recommendation Letter Request / 推薦状交付願

Recommendation Letter Request / 推薦状交付願

This service is available ONLY for those who need to change their residence status to "Designated Activities" in order to continue looking for employment in Japan after graduation. We will not issue a recommendation letter for any other reasons.

Please download and fill in "Recommendation Letter Request", and obtain your supervisor's comments, signature and seal on the form. Then send the completed form and the copy of residence card (both sides) to the International Student Support Unit via email.

- In general, please request a recommendation letter before you graduate from TMDU.
- Please carry out all procedures regarding the change of residence status to "Designated Activities" by yourself at your local Immigration Bureau.
- Residence status "Designated Activities" is valid for six months. You could extend for six months, but we will not accept extension request if you cannot submit a proof that you have been searching for a job long before graduation. The maximum period of stay is one year. 
- We only accept requests from regular students who currently belong to TMDU or graduated from TMDU within six months. (Graduate research students are not eligible for this status)
International Student Support Unit:

* Please send the scanned version (PDF or image files) via email.
* You do not need to submit the original document to our office.
* In general, it takes about one week - 10 business days to issue a certificate.