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Sep.25,Oct.2,Oct.16 17:30-19:00 How to Write a High Quality Research Paper (in English)

TMDU Library Seminar
- How to Write a High Quality Research Paper (in English)-
This workshop is designed for those researchers who have written papers in English and would like to reach the next stage of publication. It consists of 3 parts and you can choose the part which you want to participate, of course, you may choose all parts.
*The workshop includes more detailed contents than the seminar of last December and August.
Date and TimeSeptember 25 17:30-19:00 Part I: The Introduction Leads
October 2   17:30-19:00 Part II: Methods Guide Results
October 16   17:30-19:00 Part III: The Discussion Interprets
VenueSeminar Room 4
=Dai4 zemina-ru shitsu (Building 7 6F)
*Seating Capacity 40
LecturerMs. Mary Nishikawa (CACTUS Communication K.K)

Mary Nishikawa worked as a researcher at the Pharmaceutical company, Hoffmann La Roche where she developed medication for AIDS. After transferred to Japan branch of the company, she had been in charge of document reviews and English training for Japanese employees over 10 years. Then, she had worked as medical writer at the Medical Tribune. So she has long experience in working with Japanese researchers and deep knowledge of the subject fields.
ContentsPart I: The Introduction Leads
The first part of the workshop series explores essential parts of the introduction: the background, description of past research in the content of your own, and your objectives (research testing a hypothesis, of an exploratory nature, or describing methods). Participants will work on an activity to improve on an introduction.

Part II: Methods Guide Results
The second part of the workshop illustrates the intimate nature of Methods and Result and the value is crosschecking their content, enabling a better chance at getting your paper accepted by the journal. Participants will follow instructions in the CONSORT Guideline to edit a table of demographic and clinical characteristics.

Part III: The Discussion Interprets
The third part of this workshop concludes with the discussion, the window into your thoughts about the research. It restates the objective, compares and contrasts past vs. current results and explains why the research matters. Participants will try their hand at revising the objective and decide if it is complete, in order to restate it in the discussion. They will learn that the concluding statement should not be a recap but a final statement of value.
Application FormWe stopped accepting applications because there is no more place available.
Contact InformationTMDU Library Books and journals clerk
E-mail: Phone:03-5803-5598


  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University Fund