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Proposal of seminar on academic writing Dec.19 18:40-21:00

TMDU Library Seminar 54
- Proposal of seminar on academic writing - (in English)
*That seminar on December 8 was extremely popular, so we hold the seminar with same contents on December 19.
This seminar is designed for those researchers who have written papers in English and would like to reach the next stage of publication.
If an author understands the common mistakes that writers typically make and knows how to avoid them then his/her chances of being accepted will increase. The goal of this seminar is to hone the author’s writing skills to
enable them to prepare a publication worthy manuscript by using the IMRAD format: Introduction, Methods, Result, and Discussion. This will help them get accepted, searched, and cited.
Date and timeDecember 19, 2014, 18:40-21:00
VenueFaculty of Dentistry Auditorium & Seminar Room
=shigakubu tokubetsu koudou
(Dental Building South 4F)
LecturerMary Nishikawa(CACTUS Communication K.K)

Mary Nishikawa worked as a researcher at the Pharmaceutical company, Hoffmann La Roche where she developed medication for AIDS. After transferred to Japan branch of the company, she had been in charge of document reviews and English training for Japanese employees over 10 years. Then, she had worked as medical writer at the Medical Tribune. So she has long experience in working with Japanese researchers and deep knowledge of the subject fields.
Contents① What is the "IMRAD" style?
② Important points when you write each section (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, and Discussion)
③ Common writing mistakes.
*How to paraphrase
*Words and phrases which may cause grave misunderstanding
*How to cite other papers
*How to use verb tense
*How to maintain consistency throughout the paper
④ Skills to get searched and read, and how to choose good titles and keywords
⑤ Publication ethics
DocumentYou can download the documents and ask a quiestion of the lecturer, if you register with CACTUS Communication K.K. Click here.
Contact InformationBooks and journals clerk
E-mail: Phone:03-5803-5598


  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University Fund