Travelling around the World/Japan (2015-2016)

Travelling around the World/Japan (2015-2016)

As part of its efforts to deepen international understanding and promote exchanges between TMDU international students and Japanese students, the IEC holds a brown-bag gathering during the lunch break every month.

In "Travelling aroung the World" sessions, international students present about their county in Japanese, while in "Travelling around Japan" session, Japanese students talk about their hometown in English. Then, a question and answer period is conducted in both English and Japanese.

Travelling around the World

April 24, 2015Canada (Poster) (Report)
Speaker: Edward Cho
(MC: Le Hoang Son)
May 22, 2015Thailand (Poster) (Report)
Speakers: Chutamas Deepho & Thatawee Khemwong
(MC: Soulideth Vilayvong)
June 26, 2015Myanmar (Poster) (Report)
Speakers: Kaung Myat Thwin & Wa Than Lin
(MC: Ei Ei Aung)
September 25, 2015Vietnam (Poster) (Report)
Speakers: Le Hoang Son & Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam
(MC: Thatawee Khemwong)
October 23, 2015China (Poster) (Report)
Speakers: Na Li, Ridan Cao, & Tianjiao Li
(MC: Awusah Emmanuel Blay)
November 27, 2015Laos (Poster)
Speakers: Soulideth Vilayvong & Thitsamay Luangxay
January 29, 2016Ecuador (Poster)
Speaker: Andres Esteban Mora
February 15, 2016Ghana (Poster)
Speakers: Emmanuel Awusah Blay & Jerry Kwame Ndzinu
March 4, 2016Jordan (Poster)
Speaker: Manhal M.A. Ijbara

Travelling around Japan

May 29, 2015Tokyo (Poster) (Report)
Speaker: Takayuki Suga
(MC: Su Su Lei Mon)
June 19, 2015Osaka (Poster) (Report)
Speaker: Shinya Kotaki
(MS: Chutamas Deepho)
November 20, 2015Hokkaido (Poster)
Speaker: Keigo Sugisawa
December 4, 2015Fukuoka(Poster)
Speaker: Masahiro Watanabe
January 15, 2016Tokyo
Speaker: Mao Yamamoto