October 2018

October 2018

We are happy to announce that the Special Lectures by TMDU Alumni will be held in October, 2018!

This is one of the Top Global University Projects for TMDU undergraduate and graduate students to promote their interest in pursuing global careers by inviting TMDU Designated Professors from oversea universities. It is a great chance to listen to lectures from TMDU alumni who have succeeded overseas!
This time, we are welcoming Professor Masao Takata, MD PhD FRCA from Imperial College London, UK.

Don’t miss this great opportunity!!

Professor Masao Takata, MD PhD FRCA
Imperial College London, UK/ TMDU Designated Professor

Special Lecture “A secret key to be globally active”

Prof. Takata will share a secret key of "how to work overseas and be active".

【Day & Time/MC】 Tuesday, 2 October, 2018 16:40-18:00/MC:Prof. Hidenobu Shigemitsu
【Venue】 G-Lab, M&D Tower 8th Floor  ※Changed
【Language】 Japanese(Questions in English welcome)
【Target Audience】 TMDU Graduate Students (PhD/Masters) & Faculty Members
【Registration*】Please send us an e-mail at kokusai.adm@tmd.ac.jp with your name, position, department for advanced registration.

Flyer: Click here

Special Sessions “Effective Research Presentations”

Prof. Takata will give expert feedback on English presentations given by selected graduate students! There will be a
Q&A session at the end.

【Day & Time/MC】 Wednesday, 3 October, 2018
Session①10:30-12:00/MC:Prof. Shiroh Iwanaga

Session②15:00-16:30/MC:Prof. Ikuko Morio

【Venue】 G-Lab, M&D Tower 8th Floor
【Language】 English
【Target】 TMDU Graduate Students (PhD/Masters)

Flyer:Click here


Representatives of the 3rd year TMDU undergraduate medical students planned and designed this special lecture style!

【Day & Time】 Tuesday, 2 October, 2018 14:20-15:40
【MC】Representatives of TMDU undergraduate students
【Closed to】 TMDU undergraduate medical students (3rd year)