Visit to TMDU by University of Ghana Vice President Owusu

Visit to TMDU by University of Ghana Vice President Owusu

 In 2019 TMDU accepted thirteen international students from Ghana under its Inter-University Agreement with University of Ghana, which has been in place since 2008. Over the years the two universities have actively sought opportunities to collaborate, including sending TMDU medical students to University of Ghana to engage in clinical research and project semester.
 On December 10th 2019, Vice President Owusu and several professors from University of Ghana visited TMDU and exchanged views with TMDU officials on future international exchange between the two universities and paid a visit to TMDU School of Dentistry.
 Discussion between the two parties centered on ways to further promote international exchange, with particular focus on TMDU admittance of international students from Ghana.
 Our visitors from Ghana took the opportunity to observe outpatient service at the Dental Hospital, beginning with a visit to the “Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Dentistry,” which officially opened in July 2019. The researchers showed great interest in the clinical and research work being conducted at TMDU.
 Going forward, TMDU is committed to active, ongoing research collaboration and student exchange with University of Ghana.

In the front row from the left, Ghana: Professor Nyako, TMDU: President Yoshizawa, Ghana: Vice President Owusu, Ghana: Professor Offei, Ghana: Professor Kumi, Ghana: Professor Nkansah.)

In the back row from the left, Mr. Kondoh (Your Outstanding Associate in Asia & Africa CO., LTD.), Mr. Tamura (chairman, Japanese Community in Ghana), TMDU: Professor Iwanaga (Department of Environmental Parasitology), TMDU: Professor Morio (Division Head, Institute of Global Affairs), TMDU: Professor Watabe (Dean, School of Dentistry), TMDU: Professor Wakabayashi (Director, Dental School), Ghana: Professor Adjei, TMDU: Professor Taga (Director, Institute of Global Affairs), TMDU: Professor Kondo (Department of International Nursing Development), TMDU: Associate Professor Saito (Department of Molecular Microbiology), TMDU: Mr. Tanaka (Senior Office Manager, Institute of Global Affairs).

President Yoshizawa presenting a souvenir to Vice President Owusu

Exchanging views between TMDU and University of Ghana

A visit to the Dental Hospital Clinic