Q1: I don't know which I should apply as, Special Selection Group or Genral Participant Group. What are the differences between two groups?

A1: Answer: Special Selection Group will take an entrance examination to TMDU graduate school on the first day of ISP2015. If you are applying for ISP2015 as Special Selection Group, then finding the prospective supervisor at TMDU will be very important. And you need to have the signature and seal of the prospective supervisor on you Personal History Form and a copy of Acceptance E-mail from him or her.

On the other hand, General Participant Group will NOT take the entrance exam during ISP2015. This group is for the ones who want to apply for the TMDU graduate school in near future (but not during ISP2015) and want to visit TMDU laboratories first to see which laboratory is the best to join for their PhD study. Thus, for General Participant Group, it is not mandatory to have the contact with TMDU researchers/professors when applying for ISP2015. However, it is recommended because in that way, the General Participant Group can visit and meet the researchers efficiently during ISP2015.

Please also refer to

A2: Answer: There is no big theme like previous ISPs. Thus, the students and young scientists who are interested in entering the TMDU Graduate School with any interested fields can apply for ISP2015.

Q3: When will the application period open?

A3: Answer: Applications for ISP2015 will be accepted from December 25, 2014 until the deadline, which is Friday, February 27, 2015.

Q4: I am formally enrolled in an educational/research institute in Asia. However, I have been temporarily dispatched to an institute outside of Asia as part of my educational program. Am I eligible to apply for ISP2015?

A4: Answer: It is case by case. Please ask the secretariat of ISP2015 at isp.adm@cmn.tmd.ac.jp.

Q5: I am currently a resident working at a hospital. Should I apply as a student or a young researcher? Whom can I ask to write a letter of recommendation among the instructors of the residency program?

A5: Answer: You can apply as a student. An instructor who knows you well personally would be a good person to ask for a letter of recommendation.

Q6: Do I need to submit any document that would certify my English ability, for example a TOEFL score?

A6: Answer: You are not required to submit a document certifying your English ability. But please keep in mind that the program will be conducted wholly in English. If your English ability is limited, you won't be able to participate in the program to the fullest extent.

Q7: There does not seem to be enough space on the application form for me to explain my career sufficiently. May I attach a CV to the application?

A7: Answer: Yes, please feel free to attach a CV to your application.

Q8: Is there a summary of the application I need to submit?

A8: Answer: Yes. Please check this Application Checklist (.pdf), and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Q9: I am planning to apply as a Special Selection Participant. Is there a summary of the Personal History Form submission process?

A9: Answer: Yes. Please check the Special Selection Personal History Form How To (.pdf) , and let us know if you have any questions.

Q10: I am planning to apply as a General Participant Group. Is there a sample of the Personal History Form for the General Participant Group?

A10: Answer: Yes. Please check the General Participant--Personal History Sample (PDF) and let us know if you have any questions.

Q11: Part of the application process is to submit a copy of my passport. Which part do you need?

A11: Answer: We need the data page. Please check this Passport Sample (.pdf) , which shows an abstraction of the data page. As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Q12: Do I need to submit the original copy of my certificate of graduation and transcript? I would like to keep the original documents to myself.

A12: In such case, please ask your university for a true copy of the certificate of graduation and transcript and submit it to us. The true copy must have university’s seal or stamp verifying that it is a certified copy of the document made by the University.

Q13: How can I find the researcher/professor who I want to contact to/ visit?

A13: You can find the researcher/professor from the following website.
[Research Subject Retrieval System]
If you still have problem searching for researchers, please contact the secretariat of ISP2015 at isp.adm@cmn.tmd.ac.jp .

Q14: I want to make some changes in the application documents I have submitted. Can I just send to you by postal mail?

A14: Answer: No. whenever you want to submit or you made changes in the document and want to re-submit, please send them to the secretariat of ISP2015 by Email first. And after the documents are checked by them, please send the application documents to them.

Q15: Do I have to do the presentation?

A15: Yes, all of the participants need to do a presentation (Poster or Oral). The theme of the presentation can be on the research you have done, the introduction of your home country/University, etc..

Q16: I am in a master's course and I would like to present my work at the poster/oral presentation session. Is it possible?

A16: Answer: Yes, it is possible. But please keep in mind that the selection committee will evaluate all presentation proposals and decide which ones to accept. Also, please be sure to submit your research project/plan.

Q17: I have attended ISP before. Am I eligible to apply for ISP again?

A17: Please contact ISP secretariat by e-mail at isp.adm@cmn.tmd.ac.jp.

Q18: How much is the registration fee?

A18: The registration fee is free to all the partcipants.

Q19: I am not a TMDU student and I want to participate in the two-day Student Symposium. Are there any financial support?

A19: No, there are no financial support for those who will come from outside of TMDU to partcipate in the TMDU Stundent Symposium 2015.
Those who want to participate in the symposium need to book the flight and accomodation and pay for those expenses by theirselves.