Apartment Houses

Apartment Houses

Many Japanese and international students live in private apartments. The monthly rent for a room with kitchen, bath and toilet will be approximately ¥70,000 in the middle of Tokyo and usually Japanese apartments are unfurnished. When you try to find an apartment for the first time, you had better be accompanied by either a Japanese student or an international student who has lived in Japan for a long time.

1.Information about Apartment Houses

You can get some information about apartment houses at the following offices:

•International Exchange Center Office or Advice Room

2.How to make a contract

When you find a suitable room, you have to make a provisional agreement with the landlord by paying some money called "Tetsukekin" or an advance. It will form a part of the expenses to be paid when you conclude a formal agreement. Also, you will need to have someone act as a guarantor.

When you make a formal agreement, you are required to pay a deposit (called "Shikikin", an amount equivalent to one or two months rent), key money (called "Reikin", an amount equivalent to one or two months rent), brokerage fee (an amount equivalent to one month rent) and rent for the first month. For some apartment leases, you do not need to pay key money. A deposit is required for repairs to the room, and the balance will be refunded to you. The key money and brokerage fees will normally not be returned.

Finally, when you leave the room to return home or to move to another place, please notify the landlord two months in advance. If you are late in making this notification, you will have to pay the rent for the next month.

3.Comprehensive Renter's Insurance

Please ask at the International Student Section for detailed information about this insurance.

•URL: http://www.jees.or.jp/crifs/

4.Other URLs:

•Help with Housing:
Useful tips on finding housing in Japan (from the University of Tokyo)